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  • John Updike Essay

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    cut and proper in the work place, can return home to their lovers and be completely different. In another of Updike’s sexual poems, sex is represented in an extremely different manner. In Updike’s poem, Cunts, a very contradictory image of sexuality is given. Updike uses the word cunt in this poem consistently. This word is a very degrading word for the vagina, but he characterizes the female genitalia in a very positive fashion. Updike characterizes this portion of the human anatomy as a

  • The Story Of Jack Slave

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    and I don 't want your perverted cock in me.!" Her brother slap her again. "I said do what they say. No more arguing slave!" Dave shove his cock deep inside her pussy and Alex taken her back door. Lori got top of her face, forcing her to eat her cunt out. They are simultaneously abusing her impregnated body. Dave: "Dam your pussy tight slut, I told you. I 'll fuck you someday, look at me now!" Alex: "Stupid bitch, you mess

  • Letting the Tiger Loose

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    something to hold on to she grasped Mal’s shaft and pumped him in time with Tom’s thrusts. Pulling him closer she clamped her lips around him, her moans vibrating through to his balls. This time Tom wasn’t holding back, he increased his pace, reaming her cunt with his T-shaped tool, his fingertips gouging her hips as he fucked her harder, faster, each thrust forcing Shaowei’s mouth further onto Mal’s cock making her choke as they viciously fucked her from both ends. The world became an erotic blur. Shaowei

  • Huntington's Security Team: A Fictional Narrative

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    after another, the security team, each more just one part of a larger group than an individual, and whose name's were unimportant, and never never be known to the Sophie Scott, alternately used her mouth as their colleague pounded her dripping pink cunt. Gasps and groans escaped each of them, until one took control, and the others murmured in frustration. His chest heaved as the sounds of the cock ravaging her sopping slit drowned out the girl's protests when the dildo being shoved up her ass, and

  • Among The Thugs By William Buford

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    Analytical Essay of ‘Among the Thugs’, William Buford The book “Among the Thugs” from 1992 written by William Buford, describes Buford’s own experiences with hooliganism. The text is about the British football culture and the hooligan-ism that follows. Throughout the text, we follow the American Journalist Bill Buford, who is located at a train station in Cardiff, where he for the first time became acquainted with hooli-ganism. Hundreds of Liverpool supporters robbed the station, terrorized the

  • Taking a Look at Phonetic Euphemisms

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    A phonetic euphemism is used to replace profane language or cuss words. One version of phonetic euphony is using the first letter of a cuss word, and often times adding the word "word" after it. For example saying the, “F-word” instead of saying fuck, or the “B-word” instead of bitch. In the military, it’s common to say several completely different words using the first letters of profane words. For example, instead of saying, “What the Fuck”, they would say, "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot", or "Bravo

  • Analysis Of The Book ' Twist ' Essay

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    Principal Celestia sat in her office looking at her computer, the glow of the monitor boring into her soul as she restlessly looked at it hoping for stimulation. She groaned "I can 't stand this! Why did I think it was a good idea to have a high school of fucking furry faggity teenagers!? This is bullshit!" Celestia complained. She reached for a bag of chips on her desk, but they fell off into the trash "Son of a bitch." She said somberly her eyebrows twitching in restrained furry Celestia got up

  • Creative Writing About Schoolboy Bullying

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    Statement of Intent: This is a creative writing piece that is based on my experiences of schoolboy bullying. While I would say that I’ve never really been bullied, the story is an insight into what I’ve seen in common in primary and high school. It may appear in a school journal, young writers ' magazine or short story compilation. While there are many elements of truth in experiences it is also exaggerated and a work of fiction at heart. I also want to note that I have really enjoyed my time at

  • The Story Of A Story

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    "No, worried you might tire yourself out when that's my job." Brett smirked in reply, his eyes moving from Elena's body and dripping pussy to trail the movement of the cube up, then locking on her face. As gorgeous as the woman's form was, and the many temptations she had to offer, he was entranced by her features, and her expressions and moans as he dripped the cold water onto his skin had his already aching shaft threatening to rip through the seams of his boxers. "I think you're way in front

  • Poetry Response Essay

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    For the rewrite assignment, you noted that the poem is very circular, as there is not any evident logical flow in my writing. After re-reading the poem, I agree. You instructed me to, “write this poem as something that keeps moving forward in its philosophical exploration… Then, rewrite the poem to about one and a half times its current length, moving it continually forward.” I re-evaluated the poem and removed some lines that I thought where unnecessary. I also increased the length from twelve to