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  • The Causal Agent Of Cypress Tree

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    Introduction Seiridium cardinale (Wagener) Sutton et Gibson has been wrecking havoc on populations of cypress (particularly Cupressus macrocarpa and C. sempervirens) since its discovery in California in 1927 and its spread to Europe shortly thereafter (Raddi and Panconesi 1981; Wagener 1928). In the 1920’s, disease symptoms in C. macrocarpa were originally attributed to insects (Wagener 1928). Wagener officially identified the causal agent as Coryneum cardinale in 1939, though Sutton and Gibson

  • Alzheimer 's Disease ( Ad )

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    Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a cognitive neurodegerative disorder and one of the major forms of dementia; it represents 60-80% of the dementia patients (Barker et at., 2002). It is estimated by the end of 2015, 53 million people of America would be affected and this would almost double by 2025 and triple by 2050, hence making research momentous for the cure (Hebert et al., 2013). It takes almost 8.5 years between the onset of symptoms of the disease and death (Francis, Palmer, Snape et al., 1998)

  • Some Environmental Problems in Viet Nam Today

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    Some environmental problems in Viet Nam today Thai Cong Tung Abstracts Demographic growth, urbanization, industrialization, infrastructure development...are contributing to increase stress on the natural resource base in Viet Nam today. The paper highlighted those stresses : the rural exodus to the cities due to scarce land resources in the countryside, the pollution problems in the urban environment, the migration of people to forested areas with direct impacts including the deforestation, the watershed