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  • My Love Of Baseball

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    I Will Always - Rationale Boring. That is the first word that pops into someone's head when I ask them to describe this beautiful sport. They either say the sport is too boring, too complicated, or just lengthy to both watch and play. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, no doubt. But the sport of baseball is one that has always mesmerized my brain when I play/look at it. It is perhaps the best metaphor to describe life, and also the best metaphor to describe me. Life is what you make of

  • Essay On How To Throw A Baseball Pitch

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    instruction, you can now begin learning to throw different pitches. However, you must first know what each pitch does, what the pitch is used to do, and how the pitch is most effective for you. The three main pitches are the fastball, change-up, and curveball. To start, the fastball is a pitch that has the most speed out of any other pitch. While the pitch is called a fastball, there are two different types of fastballs: the two-seam and the four-seam. The two-seam fastball is relatively similar to the

  • Essay about The Physics of Pitching

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    When most people think of pitching they think of a person hurling a 5 oz. ball with 216 red stitches as hard as they can from 60’6”. Well they are right, but there is so much more to it. When I looked at pitching I saw situations, fastballs, curveballs, and change-ups. When physics was introduced to me I saw much more to baseball. I see

  • The Curveball Story

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    for the fences and just came up with nothing. The case in question is that of Rafid Ahmed Alwan aka “Curveball” an Iraqi defector turned German informant that sold the world on the existence of Weapon of Mass Destruction in Iraq. “Los Angeles Times reports, top Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) officials apparently ignored warnings in late 2002 and early 2003 that an informant code-named "Curveball," the chief source of prewar United States intelligence about Iraqi germ weapons, was unreliable” (Drogin

  • The Curveball Case

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    When the topic of intelligence failures and politics come up, the first thing that crosses my mind is Curveball. If we take a look at it, the Curveball case addresses most of the topics in this week’s assignment, but I would argue that the primary issue with Curveball and the information gathered was the failure of policymakers to really listen. Curveball was an Iraqi chemical engineer that claimed to have information on weapons of mass destruction developed by the Saddam Hussein regime. He

  • Tommy John Research Paper

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    Tommy John Surgery Ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction, also known as Tommy John surgery, is a surgical procedure where the ulnar collateral ligament in the elbow is replaced with a tendon from the patient’s body or a tendon is donated by an outside party. This surgery is named after a former baseball pitcher, Tommy John, from the 1974 Los Angeles Dodgers. Tommy John surgery is a common injury for all athletes, but most commonly baseball or softball players and especially pitchers. This injury

  • Persuasive Essay About Softball

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    The size of the ball, the speed of the pitch, and the distance from the mound to the plate all are variables of deciding which one is harder, softball or baseball? Debates break out all over the world with people fighting why softball is a sport made for girls. There is no real reason why the inventor of softball made it a bigger ball just for girls, but the difference is clearly noticeable. Studies show that most professional baseball players have a difficulty hitting from a softball pitcher. In

  • Narrative Essay About Curveball

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    Curveball “C’mon Oren we’re going to be late for practice” explained Eric with concern. Eric and Oren just got done with their Calculus II class at the end of the day and have to go halfway across campus to get to the baseball field. Their team was called The Lions They’re riding their bikes as fast as they can “Try to keep up, slowpoke” yelled Oren as he zoomed past Eric with a smirk. They arrive at the field and they’ve already started warmups. “You boys are gonna be late every day aren’t you,

  • Difference Between Fast And Breaking Curveball

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    skillfully in a series of expertly delivered “fast” and “curve” balls. Two such pitches, the “rising fastball” and the “breaking curveball” are particularly exasperating to batters because these balls tend to veer in one direction or the other just as they reach home plate. The “rising fastball” zooms forward only to jump up and over the bat as the batter swings. The “breaking curveball” curves toward home plate, but plunges downward unexpectedly at the last moment. Batters attempt to anticipate these pitches

  • The Iraq War: An Examination of Curveball and the HUMINT Officers

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    order to prevent such disasters again. Unfortunately, the Iraq War was started under false conditions. The intelligence source named Curveball presented some information regarding the threat that Iraq posed to the US that led much of the effort to proceed with this engagement. Much of this information was wrong or fabricated. The purpose of this essay is to examine Curveball and the HUMINT officers who dealt with this source in order to identify what went wrong in the process and discuss ways in which