Custer State Park

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  • A Story Of A Short Story

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    Last summer Lily and her family took a trip to Wyoming and South Dakota. They went to Yellowstone, Devils Tower, Black Hills and Mt. Rushmore. At the end of the school year Lily’s parents told all the kids that they will be going to South Dakota in a big RV in July. It was a couple months away, but they were excited. A month later they found the RV they wanted. “ Why don’t we go to Yellowstone to.” said Lily’s Dad. There plan was to leave got a week and be able to see everything they wanted

  • Flint Ridge State Park

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    been to a Licking County park? I have been to both Licking County State Parks. I am going to explain some of the similarities and differences of Buckeye Lake State Park and Flint Ridge State Park, which is really more of a National park because it is a massive park which I will explain in later paragraphs. I am going to talk about why these parks are so well known their terrain and some of the things that can be seen at these state parks. There are many different parks in Licking County but there

  • Personal Narrative-Scum Frogging At Shakamak

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    Scum Frogging at Shakamak Locating bass can sometimes prove to be a futile attempt leaving one to wonder, where did they all go? During one such outing at Shakamak State Park located in Jasonville Indiana. I found myself searching shallow and deep, shade and sun, grass and rock, dead-falls and standing timber for any bass willing to take the bait. I had decided that the bass just were not in a feeding mood but I was. I eased into a cove and pondered my predicament over a cold drink and turkey

  • World War I Had Devastating And Everlasting Effects

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    With the outbreak of World War I in August 1914, the industries of the United States quickly went into high gear to produce the war materials and other goods needed by the warring powers. Because of its strategic location and vast shipping facilities, New York Harbor became the main port for transporting those materials overseas.

  • Garner State Park Research Paper

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    I first went to Garner State Park when I was thirteen years of age, I had never heard of that place before, but my neighbors from across the street had invited me for the weekend. Ever since I visited, it became one of my favorite places to attend to; I have yet to find someone who doesn’t find that park beautiful. I did a vast number of things which were all genuinely enjoyable; everything was done at the perfect time from the early morning till sunset. Generally, I arrive there at four in the

  • Comparing Central Minnesota 's City And Rural Life

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    over 35,000 dairy cows currently working up to 22 hours a day giving them the competitive edge. Although this may appear somewhat monopolistic, it does provide employment opportunities for many as well as financial economic development for the entire State of Minnesota. Another spectacular main event in rural Minnesota is

  • Description of a Trip to the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, New Jersey

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    Description of a Trip to the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, New Jersey When deciding on a place for my science trip, I knew the perfect place would be the Liberty Science Center, located in Jersey City, New Jersey. I went there often as a child, so I already knew that there was a great deal to learn there. What I didn?t realize was how much it had been updated since I was there last. There are so many advances going on in science and technology, it?s all so amazing. What surprised

  • Major Risk Factors For Many Residents Living At St. Augustine

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    Augustine. In their undeveloped state, floodplains play an important role in flooding. Natural floodplains reduce wind and wave impacts and their vegetation stabilizes soils (“Flood hazard”, n.d.). Floodplains can be recharged in areas of groundwater and reduce the frequency and duration of low flows of surface water (“Flood hazard”, n.d.). Some local natural floodplains in St. Augustine and St. Johns County are the Guana River State Park and Anastasia State Park. According to the demographic profile

  • Myrtle Beach Vacation

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    was in the motor home and ready to go. We loaded the rest of the bags into the motor home and then we were on our way. After a long 5 hour drive (that I slept during most of) we made it to our destination. Once, we arrived at the Myrtle Beach State Park Campground we parked and hooked up the electricity and water to the motor home. When we arrived my aunt and uncle were already there and hooked up. When we were all straight, we headed to Rioz Brazilian Steakhouse. This steakhouse is a very expensive

  • Ccc Camp History

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    until lights out at 10 P.M. The U.S. Army ran the camps, but foresters, carpenters and other people directed the work. The CCC fought forest fires, planted trees, built roads, buildings, picnic areas, swimming areas, campgrounds and created many state parks. When not working, the men socialized and had opportunities to learn crafts and skills. Each camp had about 200 men, including an army officer and junior officer, camp doctor, educational advisor, and the project supervisor. The average camp had