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  • Cyber Space : The World Of Cyberspace

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    WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF Cyberspace Welcome Page Cyber Space Evolution Privacy & Government Privacy Threats Privacy Threats Cont. SMART CYBER Reference Page ARE WE SAFE IN CYBERSPACE? Do users have the protection AND PRIVACY required in cyberspace that prevents spam and online threats? Anti-Spam Legislation The evolution of cyberspace has created a variety of concerns relating to privacy, ethics, and legality. The government has taken a recent active role in regulating online activity

  • The Cyberspace Will Affect National Security Essay

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    with it the weakening of the once secure national strength seen in nations. In the last two decades cyberspace has been defined as the 'fifth battleground’ for international relations, with the aspects of cyber war, cyber terrorism, and cybercrime as some of the largest threats to the security of the national and international community. (Popović, 2013) With this ‘fifth battleground’ of the cyberspace thrown into the international battlegrounds of old, its effectiveness and effect on the both the modern

  • Internet - Exploring Our Inner-self in Cyberspace Essay

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    Exploring Our Inner-self in Cyberspace Cyberspace is a new communication medium which enables us to understand our social behavior. In the ‘real world’ and ‘virtual world,’ we understand ourselves by developing aspects of our identity. However, in the virtual world, we can explore our inner-self without rejection that may be experienced in the real world. Cyberspace is, thus, a psychological ‘space’ to build and form, explore and discover, and accept and understand ourselves. To explain this

  • Questions On Online Regulation On The Code Of Cyberspace

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    LSE ID- 201335899 Cyberpaternalism and Network Communitarianism sit in opposition to each other. Cyberpaternalists believe that online regulation is effected through changes in the code of cyberspace, while Network Communitarians believe that the community takes part in the regulatory dialogue through action and reaction. Can the two be reconciled? If not, which is to be preferred and why? ANSWER As we know world has undergone a digital transformation of an astonishingly wide range of material

  • The Threat Of The Cyber Threat

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    to be beginning of the internet, no other technology besides the printing press has ever transformed the ability to deliver information. Although the internet is used by a large percentage of the civilized world, few Americans realize how vital cyberspace is to our national infrastructure. Today, we are faced with even more threats although it has been a recognized problem since 2009, when President Barrack Obama said “The cyber threat is one of the most serious economic and national security challenges

  • Why Should International Law Deal With The Uncertainties Arising From The Rise Of Irregular Forms Of Warfare?

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    By way of illustration, advancements in recent years indicate that cyberspace in particular is becoming a viable theater of both international and political conflicts. Because of this, the possibility of widespread ambivalences - fought in cyberspace - continues to rise. And with digital warfare capabilities under current development, it is therefore necessary to understand two basic paramount political debates:

  • The Impact Of Cyber Attacks On The Daily Tasks Of Governments

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    Increased use of ICT in the daily tasks of governments, organizations and consumers in addition to the increased growth of cyber space have increased productivity together with economic growth. However, this has also seen the increase in cybercrimes, as stated by white house, Cyber Security is one of the most challenging and serious economic and national security issue in recent times. Cyber-attacks and data breaches are on the rise and more organizations data has been breached with data, financial

  • Essay about Mit Week 5

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    experts, as digital chiefs, to better work inside the area. Programmers around the world appear to be constantly programming security programs, for which states pay billions of dollars. Though the vulnerability of intrusion has leapt into the world cyberspace with Stuxnet and has left nothing secured. 1. Why is the Stuxnet event considered to be historic? Stuxnet has a taken the modern warfare into a

  • Cyber Warfare And Global Affairs

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    The rapid merging of telecommunications and digital infrastructure is extremely beneficial to limit human error, collect data, and create a more interdependent world. However, this merge also poses threats on computers, servers, and even machinery. The influx of hackers and keyloggers are taking advantage of our increasingly interdependent world can steal information. Even countries are using the cyber domain as a separate battlefield to fulfill their missions and acquire information. Cyberwar is

  • Cyber War : A New And Growing Realm Of Influence

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    various things to many individuals throughout international communities. Cyber war, unlike the wars of the past, does not fit into current perceptions of war. Yet, a fifth warfighting domain known as cyberspace is a new and growing realm of influence. Various states have or are creating cyberspace units, warriors, strategies and conducting operations (both defensive and offensive). Only hints of what is and will become cyber war crosses the public domain. Today, the truth about cyber war is that