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  • The Culture Of Hip-Hop Or Pop Dance Elements

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    There are many significant pop dance music videos that display the culture of Hip-Hop or Pop Dance Elements. The first music video is “Single Ladies” by Beyoncé. This famous breakup song demonstrates a lot of dance elements with Beyoncé and her two background dancers. Fashion is often one of the main factors on how Hip-hop has impacted our culture. Beyoncé’s dark leotard outfit in the video demonstrates the revealing clothing that woman started to wear during our time. In the previous generation

  • Adele Concert Film Review

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    before her last album was released and features more of her past relationships in her music, so this concert was not about happy party music, it was a deep soulful experience. The Sound: Adele’s music has sounds that come from various genres such as pop, soul, and rhythm and blues. I really like how Adele can go from one genre to the other with her voice and shows that she is a really good singer. The instruments that were used in the concert were mostly a piano setup, strings, with there being two

  • Holding Out For a Hero

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    I was really super excited for this trip, words can't explain. I was planning on coming to Cali soon, but I had to raise money. This trip is all free. I get to go to San Diego, California. Wow. I had just finished zipping my suitcase when I heard the car horn. The Jacks are here! I smiled widely already getting butterflies about everything and ran down with my stuff. It was a struggle, but never stop an ambitious girl who is about to fly to San Diego. I opened my front door and motioned for one of

  • Short Story

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    Avalon saw blue. “Please, you have to let me stay!” She heard someone plead. “I’m a nurse, I can help out.” “You have your STNA, you aren’t family, the patient is in critical condition, you can’t be in here. Family only, “she heard a voice reply. Avalon tried to figure out what was going on, where she was. “You can call me Mother.” That one sentence, Avalon thought, had the power to kill her. Her mother was alive, and she apparently hated Avalon. “Emilia, get out.” As she heard feet shuffling

  • Narrative Essay About Mardi Gras

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    Once upon a time there was a huge celebration, everybody has been looking forward to this for about a year, this celebration is called mardi gras. Mardi gras will begin tomorrow so every store in new orleans is overcrowded with people from all over the world stocking up on decorations, costumes, and most importantly bead necklaces for when they throw them up in the trees,. Me and my grandaughter own one of the largest celebration stores in new orleans called “ Me + YOU”. We always enjoy peoples

  • Congo Short Story

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    Congo! Congo! Congo! What Adaobi. “Mommy told me to wake you up.” “What time is it? “9:16.” For real, I’m almost late to the school bus. Why didn’t you wake me up early? “Mommy said to let you sleep.” Well, tell mommy I’m leaving. “Ok, bye big brother.” I’m going to be late to the school bus. Come on. Come on. 9:20 made it. Beep! Beep! “Congo you finally made it to the bus today.”The bus driver said. “Ah, Congo sits here!” Akachi said. Akachi has been my best friend ever since 6th grade, but I have

  • Literary Analysis Of Emily Dickinson's Water Is Taught By Thirst

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    Emily Dickinson is a well-respected poet from the New England area. Although she was not recognized during her lifetime, the close to 1,800 poems are well known to people who study American Literature. One of her poems, "Water, is Taught by Thirst", conveys the message of appreciating what you have instead of waiting for it to disappear by taking a closer look at the poem and evaluating the lines, people can connect to the message by looking at a few things they appreciate in life.  By evaluating

  • Descriptive Essay On Dogs

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    Tasha and River were jumping really high and landed with their arms up like they were waving to me and saying hi. I teach dogs cool tricks because it's fun and it reliefs me. The dogs I teach tricks to is Tasha and River. They are really good listeners and they learn quickly. Also, they keep me company when I'm home alone and when I teach them tricks. They enjoy doing tricks with me because they show it on their face. I give them treats when they listen to what I say to them when I am teaching them

  • Essay About My Best Friend

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    From one month ago. I played basketball with my best friend and I also know he is better than me. Yeah, I’m jealous of him so I pushed him to think he hurts his ankle, I know I did wrong, but I just felt that he was so cocky, I didn’t say sorry. I didn’t want to say sorry. After that I feel awkward, but I thought he could just think joke or will be fine, but I could feel he doesn’t like me anymore he treat me like trash, I didn’t know what did I do, I just pushed him but I really don’t understand

  • Personal Narrative Essay On Being Homeless

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    No amount of sleep in the world could cure the tiredness I feel. I don’t know where I found the quote, probably on my endless hours scrolling through the internet, but it was my favorite quote and it somewhat applied to my life. Although, my life wasn’t the worst (I could have been homeless or had cancer) it was generally unbelievably boring. You would expect a teenage girl like me to go to an endless amount of parties… or maybe actually go outside once in awhile, but that was just not me. I preferred