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  • Dance Team Philosophies

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    directing styles and team philosophies. This semester I got a chance to listen to Abby Payne, Tracey Anderson, and Kellie Jackson-Jandt. From listening to their experiences and drawing back on my own experiences I have learned a lot about how I would want to lead my team. Abby Payne at Lake Travis High School claims her team is all about the show. They do football, contest, and spring show but spring show is the team’s favorite. One thing that seemed unique about her team is that they devote an

  • Reflection Paper On Dance Team

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    I'm so excited, this is my first year on the dance team! I'm probably the youngest on the team because I'm only 6 years old but I know that I’m going to do great. The dance team is at a studio called Patti Herm School of Dance. It’s in Otsego which is about 20 minutes away from my house. The studio is pretty small so everyone knows everyone but since I'm new to the team I don't really know anyone yet. Some of the older girls have talked to me and helped me out when I needed it but I don't remember

  • IHSDA Dance Team Performance

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    competed in the IHSDTA Dance team competition with my fellow teammates and members of the NHS dance team. We walked into the vast, expansive Fieldhouse knowing that it was the largest High School Fieldhouse in the Nation. The anticipation in the air was electric and full of excited chatter of girls who had been preparing for months for this one day… actually for these two minutes. We were a pom and hip-hop team. Because this was Noblesville’s first year competing, opposing teams arrived with low expectations

  • Personal Narrative: The MRHS Dance Team

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    begin. Auditioning for the MRHS Dance Team marked my transition from a girl who hid in the shadows, to a girl who danced in the spotlight. I always been somewhat introverted. I only opened up for a select few, but moving to North Carolina the summer before high school. I actually only tried out for Dance because my first high school friend was actually on the team. Little did I know that this team would be one of the best things that happened to me. On the team, I automatically became involved

  • The Collegiate Dance Teams United Together

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    Helen Samuel Extravadance November 21, 2014 Dare To ​ On the evening of November 21st, the Collegiate dance teams united together again to put on an amazing performance. Ballroom, world, contemporary and specialty teams came together in a swirl of colorful costumes and dazzling lights to stun and impress the audience in the Kirkham auditorium.  ​As the lights blacked out signaling the end of the opening piece, four ladies, stunningly arrayed in blue, black and rhinestones, lined the

  • Personal Narrative: My Dance Team

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    our team to come out to dance. I could feel my blood pumping through my veins. I could feel my heart beating out of my chest. “Okay girls, on three say, ‘All in!’ alright? One, Two Three.” “All in!” Our dance team shouted; the same cheer we yelled on the first day of practice. Our season had started in October and the theme of the year was America. This made me excited, considering my mom’s grandfather was in WW2, and my mom’s other grandfather was in the Korean War. Our song for our dance was

  • Dance Team Research Paper

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    participate in is dance. Being on the dance team is one of the best choices I ever made. It gives you great things to achieve for in life. It allows you to open up and participate with others towards a goal. Being a dance team also gives you some friends that will last a lifetime. Being on the team also allows you to get in plenty of exercise. Being on a dance team is something that anyone should try if they have any interest in getting plenty of exercise while forming a fun, loving family. Dance is an activity

  • Personal Narrative: The Coed Choreo Dance Team

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    my whole high school experience. It was the day of the coed choreo dance team audition. A group of three people at a time would go in for their single chance to be accepted into the best team in the world. It was in 8th grade that I discovered this team and since then, my best friend Jessica and I had went through countless days of practice in the best way possible. Leia, my senior friend that was one of the best dancers on the team, was able to teach us, ADDED TO the lessons we were taught from other

  • I Had Joined A Bollywood Dance Team Essay

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    joined a Bollywood Dance team. I had always loved dancing, and the team always allowed me to show my love and appreciation towards dance and to embrace my Indian culture and heritage. I was a part of it for two years and met some incredible people. It was safe to say that I made friends on this team that would last a lifetime. A couple of my best friends from the team, Vishal and Rajan, had started attending UCR in Fall 2015, and through them, I learned a lot about the Indian dance teams on campus. They

  • Dance Team Speech

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    the Big “D” Marching Band Auxiliary Drill Team if selected to be an Officer for the 2016-2017 school year. Once selected as an officer to lead the 2016-2017 Big “D” Marching Band Auxiliary Drill Team, I will work hard on paving the path to leave a mark of dancers who are respectful, disciplined and perform higher than their best. A dance team has to be centered and grasped by the concept that respect comes first, along with respect comes discipline. Team members have to respect themselves, in order