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    That night, Wes found himself back at the Skulk and Lurk. He didn't know what compelled him to go, it could have been his general boredom, stress from his tireless research, Walter's persistence to do something outside of his room, or maybe he had a pathetic hope that he could convince some of the more open-minded goths to believe him about Danny. Whatever it was that brought him there, it was a strikingly out-of-character coercion to act on that kind of whim. The poetry night was held in a separate

  • Humble And The Mysterious Phantom

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    Humble and the Mysterious Phantom Once upon a time there lived a creature that had been sighted to be a scaly monster; he lived in the land called Shadow Mist. The land was grey, it was so grey it looked like there was gravel everywhere. I can 't even begin to tell you how awful the trees looked; they looked so brown like they were all painted in mud. The creature always slept but, even though the people knew this they never ventured to the land. There was a lizard called Humble, he was a dark green

  • A Short Story : My Grandparents

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    DAAAAA DA DA DA DA DAAAAAAAA DA DA. I still remember the feeling in my stomach as I watched the flashing chandelier rise to the ceiling right above my head.  To think that I did not want to be there in the first place. Boy had my mom proved me wrong. It had all started at my Grandparents 50th anniversary celebration… I sat in the corner observing my surroundings. A platter of food in the center of the square room. People gathered in small groups chatting waiting for dessert to come out. I am always

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    • REPRESENTATION OF THE ‘OTHERS’ IN PHANTOM COMICS AND ITS EFFECT ON CHILDREN Phantom, a very popular comics superhero is adapted in various forms of media including, television, movies and videogames. Media features a crime fighter in peculiar costumes operating not only in the deep woods of Africa but also in the urbanscapes wherever crime looms large. The Phantom series first came out in the daily newspaper strips on seventeenth February, 1936, was followed by a colour strip which came out on

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    The city was ablaze with activity. People walked to and fro, too absorbed in their own lives to pay Blake any attention. He certainly did not mind. He strolled down the streets steadily. "Carter." Blake flinched as he caught sight of Charlotte's haunting smile. She stood a little ways ahead of him, her arms locked behind her back in an innocent manner. "Where are you going, Blake?" He said nothing in return, pausing before her. Charlotte stood near a street lamp, her monochromatic figure contrasting

  • Definition Of Cultural Romance Definition

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    Often times when people hear the word romance, they think in matters of the cultural definition; this consisting of passionate love, companion love, and infatuation. Cultural romance is a common theme in today’s society, and it is often the only form of romance that people today are familiar with or even aware of. However, romance can also be thought of in terms of its dictionary definition. Romance can be described as a specific time period, art style or genre, events, one’s imagination, or someone’s

  • Recommendation And Recommendations About The Paparazzi And The Celebrities

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    Hollywood is filled with paparazzi photographers. They are increasing every year. The “OK” magazine had posted a celebrity weeding for the couples Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas. Some paparazzi photographers had sold it to “OK” magazine. But “Hello” magazine did not like that so they had published an issue featuring pictures of the couple taken in secret in their weeding. Some people agree about what “Hello” magazine said and some of them disagree. The following report presents our recommendation

  • Short Story About The Crazy Ghost

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    “Muhahahaha, with my Ghost Machine I can bring back the dead to haunt this world, once and for all!” Shouted Dr Raggu. “Police! Put your hands up!” The authorities were at the scene. “Prepare to die! For the rest of the world, they will be haunted by ghosts!,” exclaimed the crazy professor. “Hands up drop the weapon!,” the professor had a baby in his hands along with a ray gun. He went to release the ghosts, but something went wrong. “BOOM!” It went up in flames. After the scene

  • Pettit's Birds Eye View

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    level were there customers can fully take in the views of the designated area. It would boost the idea of “views to a next level” Equipment For equipment I would use the best aerial photgraphy drones on the market ether the GoPro Karma or The DJI Phantom 4. Both of these drones shoot amazing video and photos and can get almost any view you want. These drones range from 1000-2000$ it is a fare price considering the 4K footage and photos. With these you can get a wide range of views from the side really

  • Scene Analysis Of Song At Midnight

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    Song at Midnight: the First Meet of Song Danping and Sun Xiao’ou The first meeting of Song Danping and Sun Xiao’ou in the film Song at midnight is not only the first exposure of the phantom in the theater after ten years, but also a turning point of Sun’s life. So the scene that Sun goes upstairs to meet the phantom Song is both an end of the ten-year nightmare of Song, and a starting of a new story of revenge and revolution. However, the changeover cannot be accomplished at one stroke, which is