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  • Tourism Is A Key Pillar Of New Zealand 's Economy

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    Tourism is a key pillar of New Zealand’s economy. The tourism industry in New Zealand contributes to nearly 3.7% of the country’s gross domestic product. Though a key pillar of the economy, it is also raised a lot of problem in its environment. Tourism is gradually damaging the environment of New Zealand and it has raised an alarm for the country to consider its pillar sector. New Zealand has magnificent sceneries such as the Mt. Victoria, the Fiordland National Park, The Southern Lakes and the Expansive

  • New Zealand : A Shy And Diverse Family

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    New Zealand Galaxiidae: A Shy and Diverse Family The Galaxiidae Family New Zealand’s freshwater fish population is unique, with endemic species constituting 92% of the species present (McDowall, 1990). The Galaxiidae family consists of over 50 species (McDowall, 2006) grouped into seven genera, two of which, galaxiids (Galaxias spp.) and mudfish (Neochanna spp.), are present in New Zealand (McDowall, 2012). At least 25 species of endemic galaxid and mudfish have been identified, making Galaxiidae

  • Essay on Hip Hip

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    The Introduction Hip hop as a ding an sich is marked by some confusion. Consider the name; is it "hip hop," "hip-hop" or "hiphop"? You will see all three used in titles in this bibliography. Hip hop is, at the same time, a cultural phenomenon that developed in the late 70's in the projects in Brooklyn and the Bronx, and a musical style from that phenomenon. Nevertheless, hip hop has become a pervasive element of popular culture, as witnessed by this bibliography. There

  • The Human Influence Of Maui Dolphins

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    Maui Dolphins are a very rare species with only 55 left in the world. (1) (28) (11) (13) They are a subspecies of the Hector’s dolphins and are found on the West Coast of the North Island in New Zealand between Dargaville and New Plymouth. (1) (13) (2) (28) Maui Dolphins are recognised by their “rounded back dorsal fin” and by their distinctive colouring around their snout of grey, white and black markings. (1) They are approximately around 1.2- 1.4m long with a weight of up to 50kg and feed on small

  • The Dolphin Is A Breed Of Dolphin

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    Maui’s dolphin is a breed of dolphin that is slowly heading toward extinction, as they are a very endangered subspecies (1). On the North West coast of the North Island in New Zealand (between Dargaville and New Plymouth) lays isolated areas, which is where the Maui dolphin can be found, normally found in groups of approximately 1 to 5 dolphins within about 5 nautical miles of the shore. (2). Maui’s dolphin is the smallest breed of dolphins; they range in size from approximately 1.2-1.7m and weigh

  • Questions On Confidential And Proprietary

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    draft Confidential and Proprietary 1 August 2015 An offer to raise funds of up to NZ$1,500,000 (plus permitted oversubscriptions) through the issue of new shares in D’Arcy Polychrome Limited at a price of NZ$2.31 per share Important Information This document has been prepared by D’Arcy Polychrome Limited (DPL), in conjunction with its advisers. In this document DPL, its officers and advisers are called the Disclosing Parties. It contains: • a “personal offer” (as defined in the Financial