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  • Envelopment Analysis In Economics

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    To measure efficiency performance of greenhouse tomato farms in Kosovo, this study used a non-parametric data envelopment analysis (DEA). Production efficiency with input-oriented DEA is analyzed under constant returns to scale (CRS) with the CCR model and variable returns to scale (VRS) with the BCC model. The sample size consists of 94 greenhouse farms surveyed in all regions of Kosovo. Greenhouse tomato farms under VRS had an efficiency range of 0.5<= E <1 for a total of 35 farms, and 59 farms

  • Questions On The Grocery Self Checkout Systems

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    Homework 1 CS55 – Fall 2015 Name: Mahesh Devalla Student ID: F002BY3. 1. (a) A few security exposures in the grocery self-checkout systems are as follows: Firstly, some of the consumers in the intention of cheating my not scan the items that they procure from the store and skip the baggage section to get the items for free of cost. There is no mechanism to check whether the items are scanned or not if the tag associated with is removed or tampered. This security exposure can lead

  • Cs 682 Assignment 1 Essay

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    Purpose 2 2.1.2 System Users 2 2.1.3 Inputs to the System 2 2.1.4 Outputs from the System 2 2.2 Decision Support Systems – for Home Depot (2) 2 2.2.1 Purpose 2 2.2.2 System Users 3 2.2.3 Inputs to the System 3 2.2.4 Outputs from the System 3 2.3 Executive Information Systems – for Wal-Mart (3) 3 2.3.1 Purpose 3 2.3.2 System Users 3 2.3.3 Inputs to the System 3 2.3.4 Outputs from the System 3 2.4 Expert Systems

  • The Effect Of Performance Measurement On The Public Sector

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    Who is considered the father of TQM, what are the key elements, and why are they important in our discussion of performance measurement in the public sector? The father of Total Quality Management is W. Edwards Deming. The key elements of TQM are: 1. Leaders must develop and disseminate the aims and purposes of the organization. Management must also commit to them. 2. Everyone, including upper management, must learn the new philosophy. 3. In the interest of processes improvement and cost reduction

  • Essay On Adversarial Attacks On Machine Learning Algorithms

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    “Deep neural networks compose many parametric functions to build increasingly complex representations of a high dimensional input expressed in terms of previous simpler representations”. In layman terms, that means that there are multiple levels of neurons that take the output from the previous layer as input. Each of these neurons performs some sort of computation on the input. Depending on what coefficient and weight the particular node holds, the output is either dampened or amplified and then passed

  • Financial System And Economic Development

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    savings are considered inputs while investment spending is considered the output in the process of carrying-out investments. A Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) methodology will be used to estimate the investment spending (output) frontier for the purpose of calculating the efficiency of utilizing savings (input) (Coelli T. J, 1996). Appendix (3) illustrates the results of output-orientated DEA for the production of single output (investment spending) using a single input (savings). The analysis

  • Kirkwald Model Or Kirkpatrick's Four Levels Of Evaluation

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    The Input-Process-Output (IPO) model will be used as the comprehensive framework for this research study and is illustrated in Figure 2 on page 29 for better appreciation. The IPO model is a functional graph that identifies the inputs, and outputs, and required processing tasks required to transform input into outputs. The Input (I) represents the flow of data and materials into the process from the outside. The Process (P) includes

  • Prediction of Clean Coal Using Mathematical Models

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    simply anticipating the outcome of an experiment (What Is Mathematical Model). We obtain the response of a system to the sum of the specific inputs by superposing the separate responses of the system to each individual input. This principle is used to predict the response of a system to a complicated input by breaking down the input into a set of simpler inputs that produce known system responses or behaviors. This research is aimed at finding possible ways of controlling different variables that affect

  • Neural Networks Are Used For Forecasting

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    Abstract— Neural networks are used for forecasting. The purpose of any learning algorithm is to find a function such that it maps a set of inputs to its correct output. Some input and output patterns can be easily learned by this neural networks. However, in the learning phase single-layer neural networks cannot learn patterns that are not linearly separable. Back propagation is a common method of training the neural networks. We are trying to develope the back propagation (BP) neural network to

  • Estimation of Production Function of Public Sector Banks

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    Public Sector Banks | | | Contents 1. INRODUCTION 3 2. Methodology 4 2.1 General Approach: 4 2.2 Data Collection: 4 2.3 Data Processing: 5 2.3.1 Nature of Banks: 5 2.3.2 Nature of Variables: 5 2.3.3 Assumptions in the treatment of Variables: 5 2.4 Data Analysis: 5 2.4.1 Objective of the Analysis 5 2.4.2 Production Function Relationship: 5 2.5 Limitation 8 3. Data analysis and Results 9 4. Conclusion 15 5. Bibliography 16 1. INRODUCTION The structure of the banking