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  • Analysis Of Datura Stramonium As A Medicine

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    Analysis of Datura Stramonium as a Medicine Levi Phillips Dr. Mark Watson University of Charleston Taxonomy Datura stramonium is a plant that can be as helpful as it is deadly. A member of the Solanaceae family, the plant contains three different types of alkaloids. These alkaloids are atropine, hyoscamine, and scopolamine. Some members of the Solanaceae family are potatoes, coffee, peppers, and tomatoes. (Gaire & Subedi, 2013) This essay will focus primarily on uses of scopolamine from

  • Speech Analysis : ' The Oleander Bush, And The Manichineel Tree '

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    from a mixture of roots from a Jimson weed plant and alcoholic beverages.” This is just one example of poisoning. It is also believed that this weed was used as a poison in the Jamestown Massacre in 1676 according to both the CDC article as well as ‘Datura spp.” on the Cornell University website. You may be thinking, “That is a terrible plant, at least it isn’t intentionally planted in homes around schools, and etcetera;” yet, there is such a plant. The Oleander bush. According to “Nerium oleander”

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    The man sat down in the old and decaying chair, his physique stiff with anxiety. It didn’t take a penny to see how frightened he was, Emme saw this even with her old, shrunken eyes. The man was facing her, but not looking at her. He reminded her of a shameful child who’s afraid to tell their parents that they broke a lamp while playing baseball in the house. Emme had a curious soul, but had no need to wonder why the man was nervous. After all, she was declared insane after she murdered fifteen people

  • Creb Synthesis

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    This scientific study was conducted by Peter E. Ekanem, Dare S. Sunday, and Kidanemariam Gaim. This is a study regarding Datura stramonium (DS), a tropical plant of the nightshade family that has hallucination properties and is used for recreational drug purposes. The research investigated the effects of the consumption of high doses of DS seeds on the expression of cAMP response element-binding protein (CREB) in the frontal cortices or rats. This experiment may reveal the role of CREB proteins on

  • Jimsonweed Research Paper

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    nightshade, the little apple of death and the suicide tree. Whilst these would be enough to put any sane person off eating them I suppose it only helps if you know the name! Jimsonweed is often listed on other websites as being deadly, along with other Datura plants. I have to say I’ve tried this one personally and lived to tell the tale. So whilst it seems this plant can be deadly, it’s not getting onto my list. 10. Oleander (Nerium oleander) Oleander (Nerium oleander) Oleander / Jericho

  • Red Lotus Essay

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    Devasmita and the nun, two characters in Somadeva’s “The Red Lotus of Chastity”, employ the same concept from Machiavelli’s “The Prince”. Both Devasmita and the nun attempt to follow Machiavelli’s concept of being a lion and fox. However, only Devasmita succeeds in being both animals while the nun is merely a power hungry lion trying to dress up in a fox costume that did not fit. This concept of being a fox and lion means that to succeed in your ‘battle’ a person must be a cunning, deceitful fox

  • Wildside Project

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    These flowers fascinated my thoughts on nature. The first plant I found was the Mojave Aster, which I didn’t even know existed. I also discovered other beautiful plants, like the Datura, which I have always seen growing on the sides of roads. There are so many types of flowers in the desert and collecting plants for pressing has also made me more interested in my environment. When I visited the Joshua Tree National Park on a field

  • Saturn's Day Research Paper

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    SATURDAY Ruled by the Roman God of the harvest and planting. In Roman mythology, Saturn is the god of agriculture, New starts and firmly planting your seeds of intention or good focuses on Saturday. Saturday in English derives from “Saturn’s day” which was taken from the Latin, “dies Saturni”. Saturn was a Roman god and, over different periods of time, associated with wealth, plenty, and time. The day in Spanish and French (“sabado” and “samedi” respectively) was named simply as it is the Jewish

  • Narcisse's Influence On Haitian Culture

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    The circumstance to Clairvius Narcisse’s disappearance was that he was raised from the grave by a voodoo priest and forced to work as a slave on a sugar plantation in northern Haiti. The documentation of Narcisse’s death is what made his case of “zombification” unique. The documentation pertaining to his hospital visit and time of death was enough evidence to build a case to warrant an investigation. The cohesion of Haitian society is rich in a unique culture that was inherited from African traditions

  • Desert Biome Research Paper

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    Desert Vegetation Desert flora have adapted to combat extreme weather conditions. The various types of plants have micro evolved to survive in the heat, along with other environmental deficits. The physical and behavioral adaptions have allowed these plant species to flourish. It’s important to understand the plants adaptations to the climate and environment, as well as the medical uses and dangers of these plants. The various vegetation within the desert biome have overcome the dry climate and