Datura stramonium

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  • Analysis Of Datura Stramonium As A Medicine

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    Analysis of Datura Stramonium as a Medicine Levi Phillips Dr. Mark Watson University of Charleston Taxonomy Datura stramonium is a plant that can be as helpful as it is deadly. A member of the Solanaceae family, the plant contains three different types of alkaloids. These alkaloids are atropine, hyoscamine, and scopolamine. Some members of the Solanaceae family are potatoes, coffee, peppers, and tomatoes. (Gaire & Subedi, 2013) This essay will focus primarily on uses of scopolamine from

  • Speech Analysis : ' The Oleander Bush, And The Manichineel Tree '

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    stramonium intoxication. On June 18, the decedents and two other male adolescents had consumed tea brewed from a mixture of roots from a Jimson weed plant and alcoholic beverages.” This is just one example of poisoning. It is also believed that this weed was used as a poison in the Jamestown Massacre in 1676 according to both the CDC article as well as ‘Datura spp.” on the Cornell University website. You may be thinking, “That

  • Creb Synthesis

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    This scientific study was conducted by Peter E. Ekanem, Dare S. Sunday, and Kidanemariam Gaim. This is a study regarding Datura stramonium (DS), a tropical plant of the nightshade family that has hallucination properties and is used for recreational drug purposes. The research investigated the effects of the consumption of high doses of DS seeds on the expression of cAMP response element-binding protein (CREB) in the frontal cortices or rats. This experiment may reveal the role of CREB proteins on

  • The Importance Of Plants In Human Life

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    Plants are important life forms belonging to the taxonomic kingdom Plantae and are classified further by the hierarchical system to group similar plants together. Taxonomy is described as “the method by which scientists, conservationists, and naturalists classify and organize the vast diversity of living things on this planet in an effort to understand the evolutionary relationships between them” (Fenneman, 2017). How a plant is classified can be a clue to the uses for that plant in regards to

  • The Death Of The Slave Trade Of Africa

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    Zombies. Fear and fascination seem to follow this seemingly harmless word wherever it is mentioned. However, in some cultures, it means much more. Many in Haiti believe it is a form of punishment brought on by voodoo priests upon those that do not obey their cultural laws. Some modern day Americans believe it will be the end of humankind and some in Africa associate the word Nzambi, meaning zombie, with a snake-like God. Yet, the word seems to be covered in mystics and mysteries dating back before

  • Alcohol & Drug Abuse: A Psychobiological Trait In Human Societies

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    Introduction Anthropology can be defined as the science of physical, social, material, and cultural development of man, including his origin, evolution, distribution, customs, beliefs, and folkways. Anthropologists are concerned with the ways in which human groups and communities cope with the immense changes in their physical and sociopolitical environments in recent decades. Today, many anthropologists feel the need to solve contemporary problems in society, not just study human existence.

  • The Effect Of Jojoba Seed Extract And The Development Of Preventing The Transmission Of Iris Yellow Spot Virus ( Iysv )

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    International Journal of Virology ISSN 1816-4900 DOI: 10.3923/ijv.2016. Research Article Effect of Jojoba Seed Extract and Riboflavin in Preventing the Transmission of Iris Yellow Spot Virus (IYSV): Tospovirus by Thrips tabaci L. to Onion Plants in Egypt 1Manal A. El-Shazly and 2A.S. Abd El-Wahab 1Agriculture Research Center (ARC), Department of Virus and Phytoplasma Research, Plant Pathology Research Institute, Giza, Egypt 2Unit of Insect Virology, Department of Economic Entomology and Pesticides