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    boy was born David Eric Grohl in Warren, Ohio. His parents were a journalist and English teacher, they got divorced when he was six years old. His interest in music came early, and later on after a lot of bands, his career blasted off, he only played in three big bands. He is a devoted husband and father, and has a very successful career. I've always wondered about his whole life, I don't know about you though, but I know about it now and figured I'd share it with you now. Dave Grohl's childhood was

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    with the most work on their shoulders is the interviewer because they to will have to construct a profile of the person they just met. By reading his profile of Foo Fighters lead singer Dave Grohl he automatically gives a introduction to who Dave Grohl is in the second paragraph of page 622

  • The Music Of Grunge Music

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    the 1990’s, bringing a new style of rock with gritty distortion and new styles of hair and clothing. One band some may know that was a popular grunge band in the 90’s was Nirvana, which consisted of lead singer and guitarist Kurt Cobain, drummer Dave Grohl, and bassist Krist Novoselic. This band was most popular for their hit album “Nevermind”. “One of their most popular songs on this album, ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, has been and always will be a rebellion anthem for adolescents, empowering them

  • Biography Of David Grohl And His Band Foo Fighters

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    David Grohl and his band Foo Fighters, icons in the music industry, are famous due to their success and renowned due to their experiences. Too poor to afford lessons and not following the normal teachings drum teachers, Grohl made himself known in this world. “After dropping out in his junior year, he joined the Washington, D.C.-based hardcore band, Scream.” ("Dave Grohl-Biography." 1) Grohl has also appeared on three of the group’s albums and toured with them several times. He then moved on to join

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    Who I admire: Dave Grohl Many people do not realize what it means to be a musician, much less a famous musician. You need to be smart, talented and charasmatic. Dave grohl has achieved all three of these things. He has completed the goals of many young men, including myself. Dave has been in many successful bands and written and performed multiple hit songs. Dave Grohl Has many admirable attributes but considering my time constraints, I will only touch a few of them. The first amazing that I

  • Nirvana, By Kurt Cobain

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    If the words “alternative” and “rock” are uttered together, chances are, Nirvana immediately comes to mind. Nirvana, lead by Kurt Cobain, intend to push messages that oppose the mainstream through their music and image. Even though, at the height of their popularity they could certainly be considered rock stars, in an interview with MTV in 1993 Kurt famously says “we’re not rock stars”, he truly doesn 't wish to be categorized as one. Nirvana made a conscious effort to be seen in a completely different

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    The Melvins were a big inspiration to all members of the later formed Nirvana. (Kurt Cobain Page) Nirvana was first created in 1986, but didn’t reach its final form until 1988. They went through a variety of drummers until they stumbled upon Dave Grohl, an Ohio native. They played the local scene until 1989 when they were able to record their first CD, “Bleach” on the tiny Sub-Pop Records. The real flood and change of music came when they released the 1991 smash success “Nevermind” on Geffen Records

  • I 'm Finally Out Of That Goddam Place

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    I’m finally out of that goddam place. The dumb psychoanalyst guy kept asking me the same questions over and over again. They made me crazy. Well, now all I have to figure out is where to go. I could go to Hollywood to visit my brother D.B, I could go home to phoebe, or I could also go to central park and see if the ducks are still there. Making the decision made me feel depressed. Boy, I really missed those ducks; I still don’t know where they go in the winter. It interests me. It really does.

  • Cobain And Nirvana

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    Kurt Cobain and Nirvana Nirvana was a band started by Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic in the early 90’s. They’d released several albums before April 5, 1994, when Kurt Cobain supposedly took his own life. Nirvana was very popular during its time, but of course, Kurt had a life before he met Krist and before Nirvana was born. There was also a lot the band had done together before the date of April 5, when Nirvana had to end. Kurt Cobain did a lot before he started Nirvana. “As a child, Kurt Cobain

  • Short Story Of Dave Grohl: The Foo Fighter

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    breaking his leg in Sweden on June 12, the Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl made the decision to get back on stage and finish playing the show. Unfortunately the Foo Fighters have been yet again faced with another tough decision, and this one doesn’t have as nearly as good of an ending for fans. While paramedics originally thought Grohl’s broken leg, and dislocated ankle, could be taken care of with a cast, after getting x-rays, it was revealed that Grohl would need surgery to repair the leg. The surgery,