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  • Celebrity Essay

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    What does it mean to be a celebrity? Celebrities are just famous usually well known for some type of work they whether it be from acting, creating music, comedy, directing, or even social media most celebrities are usually part of only one of these sub categories. Don’t get me wrong there are some multi hyphenate artists, but only one person exemplifies this more than Donald Glover Aka Childish Gambino (Stage name) well known for rapping, writer, producer, actor, sketch comic, and stand up comedic

  • Donald Glover Biography

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    With a platinum song and gold albums under his belt, with a rich resume in the acting and comedy world in his arsenal, Donald Glover is one of the most talented artists of the generation. Glover, AKA Childish Gambino and mcDJ, is an American actor, comedian, writer, and musician. Born on September 25, 1983 in Lancaster, California, he began his career with a graduate degree in dramatic writing from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts in 2006. His affiliation with the school led to his

  • Essay On Early Morning Prayer

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    On a snowy day, I went to the church for the first time with hand in hand with my grandmother when I was a little girl. I walked with her along the country road to attend an early morning prayer meeting. She used to pray for spiritual and physical health of my family. When I was a little girl, not even knowing how to speak and how to read, I attended the prayer meeting with her everyday regardless of the weather. This is the most precious memory of my early life. Although my grandmother was over

  • Analysis Of The Book'shadow '

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    Shadow is the main character in this story. He has been in prison for three years for something he did for his wife Laura. The book never gives much description of Shadow just that he is a big man who would have no problem handling himself in prison. Shadow is in prison for a crime he committed three years ago and is about to be released when he learns that his wife, Laura, and his best friend, Robbie, where in a car accident and died. Shadow then gets on a plane where he meets Wednesday. Shadow

  • The Innocent By Fredric Wertham

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    Introduction Comic books originated in the 1930s and superhero comics rose to popularity quickly becoming the most prominent comic books within the first decade. The most popular original superhero comics included Superman, Batman, Captain America, Captain Marvel, and Wonder Woman. Superman was originally published in 1938 and is considered to be the first of its kind, the super-powered protagonist, beginning the heroic genre. These comics grew to such popularity so quickly that almost immediately

  • The Marvel Of Marvel Comics

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    villains of the war, and then sold these stories as ten-cent comics. Eventually the excitement of these heroes declined and Marvel found themselves writing for different genres, such as western, fantasy, mystery, and even Bible stories. However, when DC Comics released a superhero team known as the Justice League in the

  • The Objective Enforcer: Any Rand´s Philosophy

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    Ayn Rand did not nutter her cats because she believed that cats could not change nature to how they wanted or to their wishes. Rand was a philosopher who created objectivism. Objectivism consisted of knowing only good and bad, no action is in between. Logic was what should determine one’s actions and values and not let emotions effect decision making. Her philosophy was created in the early 1950s and later influenced a comic book artist by the name of Steve Ditko. Ditko created two comic books portraying

  • Essay on A Brief History of Hard Rock

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    longer interested in just heard rock. To this day a few bands such as AC/DC and Foreigner are still holding sold out concerts and completely refuse to ever cease, even though the public would never let it happen. On New Year’s Eve 1974, one of the greatest rock bands to have ever existed took the stage for the first time. This band is known as AC/DC. The band first debuted at Chequers, a nightclub in Sydney, Australia. AC/DC received their name from what was printed on the outlet of the

  • The Yellow Kid, By G. W. Cox

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    he very first modern comic book made, was known as the "Yellow Kid," and its arrival in 1897, generated the "Platinum age" of comics. It was published by G. W. Dillingham Company, and was part of a series that Dilingham did on American authors. This became the staple for future comic books to come, and even coined the name "Comic Book" on the back of the cover. But even before the "Yellow Kid", comic books had existed in what has been coined the "Victorian age", which started in 1837 with the comic

  • I Was Excited For Batman V Superm Dawn Of Justice

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    To say I was excited for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice would be an overstatement. I didn’t like Man of Steel, I dislike Zack Snyder as a director for the most part, and I hated certain castings, especially Batffleck. I wasn’t even curious about BvS. I still wanted to see it, though, because my inner nerd wouldn’t allow me to let this movie come out without me giving it a chance. Well, I gave it a chance, and it met my low expectations. This superhero flick tells a story primarily drawn from