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  • The Debate On The Circus Acts That Were Called The 1st Presidential Debate

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    the circus acts that were called the 1st presidential debate and the vice-presidential debate that aired earlier in the month, my expectations for the 2nd debate were not too high. Unfortunately my even my low expectations were not met and I felt as though there was not a large enough improvement during this debate to have made any difference from the first one. While we saw some improvement in terms of candidate behavior, the rest of the debate was severely lacking in substance. Questions posed by

  • Political Debates Of The United States

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    Political debates in the United States, has turned into a constant public dispute, on who is more convincing for the public eye. A political debate refers to a discussion engaging deliberate arguments, that involves opposing viewpoints. One of the issues that has been in a constant debate for years, is the “Tax Reform”. A recent Republican political debate that took place on November 28th, gave us insight on the thoughts of some of our candidates, regarding the imposition of taxes. In the United

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Debate Games

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    For me, every project is associated with a drop of water, and only the amalgam of drops can form the great ocean of good things, that do not require a reward. One of this drops is debate. I’ve started playing debates 3 years ago. Debate games formed in myself critical and logical thinking. I’ve gained ability to analyze constructively on different topics, for instance: ”THBT everyone who has attained publicly funded education should work a minimum of 3 years.”, ”Advantages and disadvantages of migration

  • The Debate Over Current Race

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    I have chosen the debate of 26th September. The reason I am selecting this is because, it was the first debate and was instrumental in leading up to future debates. In a way it was an inception point of agendas and policies that would unfold with time. The debate was deluged with policies and issues. Even though candidates probably had a plethora of issues they wanted to address, the time limit, and the debate format stood like a glorified barrier. The issue was raised on how to create jobs to minimize

  • The Debate On The Issue Of Poverty

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    Holding a debate on the issue of poverty, is one that can easily go awry due to it 's complexity and emotional aspects. In order to evaluate the debate, both teams need to fully understand the proposal and clearly articulate their stance. The debate teams need to be able to clearly explain their position, refute the opponent 's argument, provide solutions, provide a stimulating counter examination, and effectively answer questions from the judges. Other logistical aspects of the debate that will

  • My Reflection Of Speech : My Importance Of Debate

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    This year I took debate and throughout this whole year I learned in many ways how taking debate is beneficial to me, and how it helped me throughout my school year and my later life in general. Such as how to speak clearly, extend my voice and how to pronounce and enunciate clearly so that my voice is vocalized clearly and in a way that is in a way that is very understandable to everyone. Which can be seen on numerous occasions from ballots at the beginning of the year such as “ AST # 1 ” which I

  • The Debate Over Abortion

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    Ashley Aguilera Professor M.M. Eskandari Political Science 101 SBCC April 19, 2015 T/R 11:10 Laws vs. The Right to Life The debate over abortion has divided Americans into polarized sides since the Supreme Court’s 7-2 decision in Roe v. Wade on January 22, 1973, where the Court deemed abortion a fundamental right under the United States Constitution. The lawsuit began when Norma McCorvey became pregnant with her third child in 1969 and could not get a legal abortion in Texas. With her attorneys

  • The Debate On Abortion And Abortion

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    Abortion. This word leaves most people feeling uneasy after just saying it out loud. The discussion of abortion is continuously left open-ended with millions of opinions, arguments, and questions. Abortions occur every single day leaving potential fathers devastated or thrilled, leaving friends and families broken and distraught or in contrast, proud. More importantly, leaving the potential mother uncertain and even destroyed. But with abortion in mind, what is considered wrong and what is considered

  • The Abortion Debate Essay

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    The topic of abortion is one of the most controversial topics affecting our society. The disagreement between for and against abortion has caused hundreds of fights that have even resulted in death. Regardless of what many individuals may accept, fetus removal is not right or off. It is a matter of individual assessment. Consequently, each one side can say with assurance that alternate isn't right. Accordingly the inquiry remains; should premature birth be lawful? Though many people may disagree

  • The Philosophical Aspects Of The Abortion Debate

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    The philosophical aspects of the abortion debate form two logical arguments, which oppose and support abortion. These arguments are based on what is ethical and the rights of an individual. The view that abortion should be illegal rest on the moral right of the life of a human being at or near conception killing an embryo is unjust since it violates the right to life (Hershenov 129). Therefore, the law should prohibit violation of the right to life. The view that abortion should be legal, generally