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  • Denying The Holocaust : The Growing Assault On Truth And Memory

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    Deborah Lipstadt, author of Denying the Holocaust: the Growing Assault on Truth and Memory, recently gave a TED Talk entitled “Behind the Lies of Holocaust Denial” about her experience with being chosen to write the book, conducting the research for it, and enduring the libel lawsuit against her that resulted. The book addressed Holocaust deniers, those who insist the Holocaust didn’t occur, and her speech mainly addressed how truth and facts are, as she put it, “under assault” (Lipstadt 11:58)

  • David Irving's Denying The Holocaust

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    can only imagine how survivors of the Holocaust felt in the 1990’s and early 2000’s when David Irving, a self proclaimed historian sued Professor Deborah E. Lipstadt a Dorot Professor of Modern Jewish History and Holocaust Studies at Emory University for libel. Her life’s work was to be put on trial

  • The Dangers Of The Holocaust

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    get publicity, and mainly the reason is that they are anti-Semitic. A person may not want to believe that mankind is that cruel, but they have to know that it happened because something that awful must be known to prevent it from happening again. Deborah Lipstadt’s podcast, “How Do You Stand Up to a Holocaust Denier,” focuses on what a person should do when encountering people that deny, not just the Holocaust, though that is

  • Justice Gray Film Analysis

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    He also accused Professor Lipstadt and Penguin, “of enlisting the help of the “the leaders of the Jewish communities around the world” in an orchestrated effort to discredit him.” (Lyall, 2000). Some believed that the trial was turning into a matter of free speech and if the Holocaust had happened. Anthony Julius stated the case was not about whether the Holocaust took place, but whether there was any evidence to support Mr. Irving's views (Lyall, 2000). Professor Lipstadt stated, “...I’m not attacking

  • Analysis Of David Irving 's ' The Crucible '

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    himself a denier or a liar. Irving considered accusations of him being a Holocaust denier to be wrong and damaging, so on September 5, 1996, he took Deborah Lipstadt to court on the grounds of libel because she had according to Irving; wrongly accused him of being a denier. Irving is notorious because even though the judge ruled in favor of Lipstadt, he still argued that he was right and did not accept the undeniable fact that the holocaust did happen and that it was one of the lowest points in humanity

  • Analysis Of Deborah E. Lipstadt 's ' Beyond Belief ' The American Press And The Coming Of The Holocaust

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    Deborah E. Lipstadt is one of the literary writers who have always used various strategies in portraying their messages and ensuring that their ideas reach the potential target groups without failure. Also, in ensuring that her ideas rich the target group, Lipstadt have moved an extra mile of publishing written information which is later elaborated through the use of movies such as the one analyzed inhere. These tend to concentrate on the main ideas which are written and by use of the same characters

  • My Group Created A Retelling Of Othello

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    between genders isn’t as apparent. Because of this, however, females are given more opportunities to have a say in the action. In Othello, Othello is the only black character, but in our film the only important white character is Deborah. Though unintentional, it shows how Deborah cannot do anything, even though she is the privileged race. Even though Deb only talks to Iris a few times, she seems to genuinely trusted her, which shows the general consensus on Iris’ personality as well as reinforcing Deb’s

  • Space Fantasy Module

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    her brother SCOTT, with her. Scott refuses to let Millie drive, so Millie has their Mother HELEN come pick them up. When they arrive at home Millie sees that her obnoxiously cheery cousin DEBORAH has arrived. Helen has recently suffered a T.I.A (ministroke), and with Millie’s father out of the picture, Deborah has come to help Millie and Helen support the family—Millie feels this is wholly unnecessary.

  • Interview With The Person's Political Beliefs

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    For this interview assignment, I interviewed my close friend Franki’s mother, Deborah. Deborah is thirty-nine years old and she lives with her two children, Franki and Jessica, and with her husband Frank. The three topics I decided to interview Deborah on were political beliefs, philosophy of leisure time and the goals in life. The Person’s Political Beliefs Deborah considers herself a republican and believes that she is very conservative. She believes that everyone should work for what they want

  • Book Review of the Unique and Emotional Novel, Same Kind of Different as Me

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    Hall goes to college and dates around, finally ending with a marriage to Deborah Hall. Ron chooses the prosperous career of an art dealer, believing that he is more beautiful than the Picasso’s he sells. Deborah is rather opposite in that she is completely selfless. She devotes herself to the gospel and she has visions that lead her to the Union Gospel Mission. Her prophecies conclude that