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  • Do You Know What I Mean? Essay

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    comparisons can work for or against an artist, but for one band in particular it has been incorporated into almost everything ever written about them. Oasis were in the hands of the media right from the beginning. In a review of their first album, Definitely Maybe, Stuart Maconie referred to them as “manna from heaven in a slow newspaper

  • Personal Narrative : The Story Of My Life

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    I woke up on a cold, torn up mattress. I try to stand up, struggling since I was tied to the wall behind me. My head was throbbing and my wrists and ankles burned from the rope. That 's when I heard you walking down the stairs. My heart was pounding out of my chest. You then slowly unlocked the cage. For the first time I couldn’t save myself. You leaned over me, you stunk of stale cigarettes and booze. I knew I could survive the things you would do to me, I just didn’t know if I could ever get out

  • Persuasive Essay On Drugs In Sports

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    a rapid problem growing all over the place from the streets of Major cities to the locker room of many Major league teams. Drugs come in all forms, shapes, and sizes Drugs are all over the place. Almost everyone has taken some kind of drug before, maybe it was a prescription from your doctor but they are still drugs. Did you know almost four percent of America, America are addicted to pain relievers. This is a drug you can literally go into a regular store like Wal-Mart and buy, these and they are

  • A Story : A Short Story

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    “It’s gonna be okay, Stick Man. I swear.” The cops swarmed up beside him and The Robber turned frantic eyes to his. Harvey’s eyes blurred with blue and black. “I’ll write you a letter, Harvey,” he said as the arms of the cops came around him to arrest him and carry him down to the waiting patrol car. “I’ll write you a letter.” THE SHOOTER When Harvey was thirteen, his appendix swelled up like white bread thrown over the top of a soup bowl. His father, a coal miner’s son and lifelong factory worker

  • Opinions and How to Deal with Stereotypes and Disagreements

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    Obviously, people have a right to state their opinions. Opinions that may be hateful; opinions that many would consider morally wrong; opinions that are the fuel for stereotyping, discrimination, and the condemnation of things that shouldn’t be condemned. But it’s a free country, right? So don’t these people have the right to say these terrible things, without repercussions? I have opinions on opinions, and this paper is a great way to learn about them. To be brutally honest, most people’s opinions

  • Staff Training and Effectiveness

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    Elaborate. I agree with the Commission’s insistence on the entire company receiving training. It may have been only Mr. Pettipas that acted out in such a way, but the silence of everyone else is disturbing. It leads one to believe that maybe they agreed with Mr. Pettipas’ behavior. Their silence in the matter was as good as acceptance and IMP cannot take the chance that this situation could arise again. It was a precautionary measure for the company to require all employees to take the

  • Soul Banging Short Story

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    Soul Banging “Gerrrr-raad! Gerrrrr-raaad! Can you come out to play?” Gerard Gould lived on the second floor right next to playground 12. We would stand outside his apartment windows and chant the above until we got a response. An excited Gerard would pop up to his living room window and yell back, “I’ll be right out guys.” He’d be excited because we usually never played with him. He was perpetually bullied. When he was around the playgrounds and in school, for some reason

  • Life Is A Game Essay

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    An uncharted realm of darkness is what comes to mind when one thinks of death. When talking about death, we will put it at the back of our mind, neglect it and move on to ordinary problems of life. It is not because we think death is still far for us to think about but it is because we are too scared to think about it. This is a prime example of the very human nature, denial. It is a famous human defense mechanism which helps making our life easier to some extent by clouding our thought process

  • My Life At The Factory

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    I ask myself sometimes why my husband was shipped off to war. Why it was mine and not my neighbor Esther’s husband. Why he was deemed “not important enough” to just stay and work at the factory. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe he was considered important enough to go and fight for our country, but I don’t care. As I look in the mirror at my long wavy red hair I ask myself what I’m getting into. I pull it up into a bun and go over to my sewing machine so I can squeeze in some of my own work before I go and

  • A Story Of A Short Story

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    Mr Johnson awoke to the sound of Mrs. Johnson yelling, “Honey, breakfast is ready!” With a groan, Mr. Johnson groggily sat up and walked out of bed. He almost tripped over his feet on his way to the kitchen. “So convenient that me and the Mrs. have switched,” he muttered under his breath. He arrived at the kitchen with a welcoming aroma of eggs and bacon. As he sat down, Mrs. Johnson said, “Good morning, dear. Since today will be my “nice” day, I made my favorite: eggs and bacon. Would you like