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  • A Smile Makeover : The Impact Of A Smile Makeover

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    if you’re happy and confident You can now stop hiding your smile, avoiding social dinner gatherings and living in fear that your dentures may fall out, there is solution to regaining your confidence. A “Smile Makeover,” is a non-invasive cosmetic dentistry designed to improve the esthetic and functional aspects of the teeth using cosmetic and dental procedures ultimately resulting in a whiter, brighter, and a more youthful smile Having a beautiful smile is no longer a luxury reserved only for the rich

  • Six Branches of Philospy

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    Reflection of the Six Branches of Philosophy Various branches of philosophy have always become great debates in society. Many have questioned metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, aesthetics, political philosophy and social philosophy. The author will discuss and reflect on the six branches of philosophy in which she will describe a time in her life when she have asked similar questions. In addition, the author will discuss specific circumstances that brought her to each of the questions and what conclusions

  • Dentistry Field

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    What Magnetizes People To Dentistry Field Becoming a dentist was always my dream and going to a dentistry school is my ideal and long term goal. Although dentistry field is a really high-prestige job, but also involves a lot of studying, hard working, special programs and trainings. Average people’s perspective, specially my own family and the environment that I was raised in, toward this job is that they think it’s a perfect high-paying job with not much working hours, which is not wrong, but

  • The Doctor With Oral Surgery Essay

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    similar ones motivates me to continue my education in dentistry, and pursue this career with vigor. I was enthralled by surgical procedures and how efficient teams can lead to such great successes. I loved seeing the end results of successful dentistry, and the positive effects it has on other branches of human health. My curiosity and interest in dental surgery encouraged me to study further about different oral diseases and treatments. Dentistry is a humbling, intellectually and physically challenging

  • Achieving College Values

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    are really about determining what one values most. College should be a personal value, and attending college and receiving a diploma should be a goal for everyone. I intend on becoming a dentist so I must start planning a goal and expand my tree branches of knowledge. In order to become one I must obtain a bachelor's degree in any major. Then

  • Seven Differents Jobs in Dental Occupations

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    “Every tooth in a man’s head is more valuable than a diamond,” (Miguel de Cervantes, Don Quixote, 1605). Living by this philosophy, I’ve decided that I want to become a dentist. When I made this decision, I knew absolutely nothing about what it was like to be a dentist, and the numerous jobs I could do as one. I thought that every dentist did the same thing, but boy was I wrong. Over the fifteen plus hours I spent shadowing my mentor, Dr. Victor Nitu, I learnt a lot of new stuff that has helped me

  • Essay On New Literature

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    I think having a background in dentistry would have helped me a lot in this one. I did have to go over it several times. But in the end the thicker enamel, larger teeth and roots resemble them to the australopithecines. Meaning that they found that Graecopithecus may have the characteristics

  • The United States Army Creates Great Opportunities For Anyone Who Joins Ranks

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    Under Contract The United States Army creates great opportunities for anyone who joins their ranks. The Army is the largest branch out of the five military branches and also grants you the most freedom of choice. They are the only branch to allow you to choose your job and where you 're stationed before you sign a contract. In turn this attracts a lot of potential soldiers to their branch. Furthermore this is the reason I myself have chosen to pursue this path. One of the most important aspects

  • Essay on Got Teeth? Dental Implants

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    For the past two and a half years I have been working as a Periodontal Assistant accommodating two doctors. Combined, both doctors have over thirty years experience within the field of Periodontics. The field of Periodontics focuses predominately on the prevention, treatment, and maintenance of periodontal disease. Treatment of periodontal disease, commonly is managed by; the removal of excessive tissue, bone and tissue grafts, and extraction of problem teeth. However, at our practice, we

  • Oral Health

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    strongest bone in our body and they even preserve the most after we pass away, this means it is an essential factor to knowing how to protect them from getting a disease and keeping them as long as possible. Most patients are not aware of diseases in dentistry. Educating the older and the young generation will help to care for their oral health. We do not know if patients are aware of dental diseases because we