Dependent clause

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  • Dependent Clause and Answer

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    86. Briefly explain what the opening of a document should accomplish. ANSWER: The opening of a shorter document should be relevant, interesting, and geared to the reader’s probable reaction. For longer messages, the first few paragraphs should establish the subject, purpose, and organization of the material. Conclusions should accomplish what two tasks?ANSWER: Conclusions should (1) summarize the main idea and (2) leave the audience with a positive impression. 88. Briefly describe at least three

  • The Use of the Subjunctive in Spanish

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    The use of the subjunctive in Spanish: A brief review Clauses are groups of words which express an idea and contain a predicate (i.e., a conjugated verb) and a subject, although of course in Spanish the subject is often merely indicated by the verb ending. They can be divided into two categories: independent clauses (which make sense in and of themselves) and dependent clauses (which need to be used with an independent clause to form a complete sentece). In general, the the indicative, the conditional

  • Review Of Stephen King And Fast Food Nation By Eric Schlosser

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    Mr. Revels told us in class one day that his job was to prepare us for the future and harder classes to come, and to fix everything that we didn’t learn, or learned wrong in previous classes. While it may be only the third week of school I feel as though we have done so much in his English V honors class to help us become better readers and writers, and undo or revise our learning from previous english classes. The main focuses  in Mr. Revel’s english class so far can be split up into five different

  • The Rhetorical Analysis Of The Prince By Niscali Niccoli

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    using a compound-complex sentence with negative adjectives, reality example and visuality imagery. Machiavelli uses a compound-complex sentence to inform those who want to be a leader the need of malevolent. Machiavelli uses an independent and dependent clause to gain attention from audience with the purpose of clearing his idea. For Machiavelli’s long sentences in the end of the first paragraph, the prince “profession of virtue” will get “destroyed” by other evil. This cause and effect sentence help

  • Grammar: Figures of Speech

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    two successive phrases or clauses are parallel in syntax, but reverse the order of the analogous words. Ex. “The land was ours before we were the land’s” - Robert Frost (N, V, Pro: Pro, V, N) “Pleasure’s a sin, and sometimes sin’s a pleasure” – Lord Byron Sitting together at lunch, the kids talked incessantly; but they said nothing at all sitting in the dentist’s office. Clause – A grammatical unit that contains both a subject and a verb. An independent, or main, clause expresses a complete thought

  • The Latin Grammar Guide Essay

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    The Latin Grammar Guide Liz Bonaccorsi Period 2 Table of Contents Things to Remember Participles Ablatives Absolute Deponent Verbs Gerunds Gerundives of Purpose Main Clause Subjunctives Hortatory Jussive Subordinate Clause Subjunctives Purpose Clauses Indirect Commands Result Clauses Cum Clauses Circumstantial Causal Concessive Infinitives Indirect Statements Comparison of Adjectives Comparison of Adverbs Things to Remember Masculine Feminine Neuter Translation nom. sg. quî quae

  • Samuel Johnson Analysis Questions.

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    1st paragraph: 1. Notice that the subject of the dependent clause in the sentence is ‘‘men.’’(‘‘As there are to be found…) What is the independent clause? The independent clause is ‘‘calumny is diffused by all arts and methods of propagation. Because it can be understood by itself and does not depend on the first part of the sentence in order to make sense. 2. What is the pattern of imagery and diction in lines 7-10? The pattern of imagery and diction that is created in lines 7 -10, uses diction

  • Reflection On Bilingual Education

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    On Thursday, June 22nd, I observed a writing class at Sherman High School at the Perrin Field location. The instructor, Catherine Cunningham, granted me permission to observe her Writing Class which meets M/W/F from 9:00am – 3:00pm during the summer timeframe. Since I currently not do not have any teaching experience in the classroom yet, this was an opportunity to observe how an experience teacher of 25 plus years conducted her class. Before going into detail about this particular class, it’s important

  • Expanding Your Brain through Reading

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    “The brain is like a muscle, the more someone exercise's it, the stronger it becomes. Every time they try hard and learn something new, their brain forms new connections that, over time, make them smarter.” This is a quote from the article “The Perils and Promises of Praise,” by Carol S. Dweck which is the first article the class read. In other words, this quote means that with a little effort anyone can reach their goals when they are willing to expand their mind by learning something new. For the

  • October 20th October 24th Dog Star

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    reader? Part IV: Grammar Review Directions: Identify whether each group of words is a PH (phrase) or a CL (clause). _____within the neighborhood _____because we wanted to _____although I can’t stand him _____behind the sink _____after you realized your mistake _____without my book Directions: Identify whether each clause is an I (independent) or a D (dependent) clause. _____when we tried hard _____we lost _____although she ran fast _____when my mother yells _____I listen