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  • Mexican Tax Consequences : Mexico Essay

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    Mexican Tax Consequences 1. As a result of the sale of the building and the land, St. John Mexico will accrue Mexican income tax liability of $1. 3M (using the U.S. net book value)/$1.7M (Using the Mexican net book value). 2. As a result of the lease transaction, the company will be assessed on annual rent payment an annual VAT amount of $ 93K. Additionally, it is minimal taxable income will be increase by 44K due to the increase in the operating expense as result of the inclusion of the rent

  • Financial Report On Financial Management

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    Nevertheless, besides the advantages as mentioned above, financial reports have a number of disadvantages. Firstly, the expensive cost of providing audited financial statement that meet requirements of IASB (International Accounting Standards Boards) is a common problem of a firm. Secondly, because financial statement based on a specific time or period, it is historical record of financial status of a firm so it has a little value in predicting and forecasting the future performance of this firm

  • Adjusting Lower Cost Of Market Inventory On Valuation

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    Adjusting lower cost of market inventory on valuation Inventory valuation is a financial method which assist the companies in providing monetary value to the products which make up the inventory of the company. The most important asset of the companies are their inventories. The measurement of the value of the inventory is essential to make correct financial statements. In case the measurement of the inventory is not proper, the revenues will not match properly with expenses, this will affect the

  • Travel Expense Is Not Deductible Essay

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    1. Driving from office to a Court in the suburbs satisfies the positive limb under s 8-1 of ITAA 1997. Travel expense is a general deduction since it relates to the same income producing activity. Travel expense is related to gaining assessable income and is deductible under s 8-1 of ITAA 1997. Driving from Court to home is not a general deduction under s 8-1 of ITAA 1997. Travel expense incurred is a domestic matter, since driving from work to home and vis-a-versa is expense that is ‘incurred in

  • Deductions: General Concepts and Trade or Business Deductions

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    Chapter 6 _____Deductions: General Concepts and Trade or Business Deductions SUMMARY OF CHAPTER Tax deductions are allowed to taxpayers only if specifically authorized by the Internal Revenue Code. Deductions allowable to individual taxpayers fall into three categories: trade or business deductions, production of income deductions, and personal deductions. This chapter is also concerned with business deductions as they appear on a sole proprietor 's Schedule C, which is included as part of the

  • A Note On A Balloon Payment Is Due At Maturity

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    1) A reduction in interest rate to 5.25%. The current rate is fixed at 6.75%; Monthly payments to be based on a 25 years amortization schedule. There is no change in the maturity date of December 5, 2019. A balloon payment is due at maturity. Effective July 5, 2015, the monthly P+I payment (including escrow) on Note A would be approximately $5,370.00.This is a reduction of approximately $1,000 from the current monthly payment level. Note A will consist of the current principal balance of $634

  • The General Rules for Agricultural Produce Using US GAAP and IFRS

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    market prices are not available as well as for which alternative fair value measurements are determined to be clearly unreliable. Under this situation, IAS 41 requires an entity to measure that biological asset at its cost less any accumulated depreciation

  • Great a&P Essay

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    Q1. As of the date of the case (assume = Jan. 27, 2004): a) What is Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea’s (A&P’s) ‘business model’? A&P is a retail food chain in North America that operates under various trade names (i.e. Super Foodmart, Farmer Jack, Dominion, etc.). The business focuses on sales volume, inventory turnover and effective cost control as the products are sold at low margins in a very competitive market. A&P’s business model focuses primarily on acquisitions

  • Acct 567 Week 1 Assignment

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    both current and noncurrent, are reported in the government-wide financial statements. TRUE 8. All proprietary fund financial information is reported in the Business-type Activities column of the government-wide financial statements. TRUE 9. Depreciation should be reported in the financial statements of the General Fund for general capital assets accounted for in the General Fund. FALSE 10. In addition to the General Fund, in governmental and proprietary fund financial statements, the only individual

  • Working Capital Summary

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    expected sale units by end of 2003 @ $495: 300,000 from the revised Bernoulli: COGS 54% of the retail price operating expenses: 26% (due to advertising) strategic planning purposes: Bernoulli was treated as an asset, allocation of depreciation with cost recovery (MACRS) 10 yr class, with 5 yrs of operation. 1999 - invested $56 million. recovery