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  • The Jungle Corruption

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    The Jungle by Upton Sinclair details the life of a Lithuanian immigrant named Jurgis, in the late 1800’s. In the novel, Jurgis and his family immigrate to America in order to find prosperity and follow the “American Dream”. However, upon reaching reaching America, they face many trials and tribulations. Foremost, no one in the family is able to speak English, as well as being poor immigrants that are easily taken advantage of by society. Initially, Jurgis tries to keep his head up and tries through

  • What Happened During The Industrial Revolution

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    The Industrial Revolution started in Brittan in the 18th century, it began when factories were introduced. The factories increased food production, which allowed Brittan to feed more people at a lower cost. Many of the factories owners would have children work in the factories because they were young and easily manipulated. Many people argue that the factories did not affect the health of the workers, and that any child could get sick or injured even if they were not working in a factory. However

  • Hydropower Essay

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    interesting useful thing to learn. We use Hydropower all of the time in America and it’s a very green way to get energy. According to, "hydropower is accounted for 7% of U.S. electric generation" (FAQ, paragraph 11). Hydropower started with water mills hundreds of years ago. Then we invented dams with generators inside. Then we moved on to tidal energy and wave power. These are all big changes that helped the government in America