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  • Descriptive Essay On The Beach

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    good things must come to an end, like when the week at the luxurious resort is over. The number of things to do on the resort is suitable for all ages and all personalities alike, from biking, shopping, recreational activities, or just going to the beach, Sea Pines truly does have something for everyone. The Sea Pines Resort on Hilton Head Island is one of the most beautiful resorts on the east coast. Highlighted by its beautiful beaches, extensive bike paths, and world class scenery, this is a place

  • Beach Descriptive Essay

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    The beach is known for being a place to relax; the beach I went to was a run-of-the-mill beach, tan sand with rocks next to an aqua sea, I was there with my Mother and family on a cloudless day in summer 2009.Nevertheless we were on the beach, it was filled with umbrellas of all colors, filling the beach like a canvas with hundreds of strokes on it. Starting our trip started with setting up our blanket and umbrella so we could sit down to relax at the start, but we all wanted to head out and swim

  • Mothers Beach Descriptive Essay

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    Mothers beach holds a dear place in my heart. It’s where mothers bring their children knowing the calm, cool waves will allow their young to experience all the joy a beach can provide. I had been there many of times in my short but happy life. At the time I had just been faced with all the excitement that comes with celebrating a birthday, I was now the big 5 years old. I thought I was ready to take on the world, sadly, I was unaware of all the seemingly innocent dangers out there in the world. My

  • Descriptive Essay : Beach Bums

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    Beach Bums Our designated driver is on the floor. With a mouthful of sharp beach sand in his mouth, he stays down and screams “Darn!” Disoriented and dehydrated I look to the top and I see my partners in crime, yelling at the top of their lungs from the roof of sun beaten lifeguard tower, “Throw some beer in his mouth!” With smile football stadiums wide I look down at my bare skin. Covered only by boxers, soaked by the oceans bitter cold waters, there I was; tears running down my cheeks freezing

  • Descriptive Essay : A Place On The Beach

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    troubles. The one place where I could sit forever, and never get tired of just staring into the blue water as the sun rays reflect off the water giving it a beautiful glow. A place where nothing matters but what is in that little moment. Walking on the beach with a slight breeze, cold sand, and the sound of the waves crashing creating a noise that nothing can replace. Beaches are the perfect happy place. 3. Almost every day of the year this place is loud, crowded, and full of diversity. Black Friday,

  • Descriptive Essay On A Day At The Beach

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    is taken as the door to our white suburban is opened and we come into contact with the grounds of Pismo Beach. With the help of the seven individuals that poured out of the cramped car; we start to unpack the trunk with gadgets that are needed for the day to begin. Ice chests, sand buckets, shovels, foldable chairs, towels and a radio, all come along with us in our journey for a day at the beach. Immediately it is noticed that there is a drastic change in temperatures as it dropped a couple degrees

  • Descriptive Essay : A Day At The Beach

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    As I stood there, on the beach, glancing at the ocean in awe of the beautiful sight, a sudden gust of wind blew past me. Each individual strand of my hair crossed my face, the sun played peek-a-boo as it made its appearance just above the horizon, as if it were too scared to show its’ beautiful light. The smell of the sea filled my nose as I took in the fresh air. The sand was filled with corals, with a collection of many sea shells, all of which had their own uniqueness in shape, size and color;

  • Descriptive Essay : Myrtle Beach

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    Myrtle Beach! I was so excited for the trip and couldn’t wait to put my foot in the blue, cold, salt water. After the like 15 hour drive we had just suffered through I was expecting a pretty great trip. We drove down the road and saw all of the familiar places like the Tanger mall, surf shops, Krispy Kreme, and even more of our favorite restaurants. I started to recognize the details that just seemed to tell us we made it to our destination. Like the palm trees, warm weather, beach smell, and

  • Descriptive Essay : A Trip To The Beach

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    The warm breeze of the ocean air flies past my face. The heat of the yellow sun was sizzling, beating down against my skin, tanning and burning it within seconds. Beach goers were crowded around in all directions. Seagulls gliding past the groups of people, scouting for dropped or forgotten food to eat. Their little footprints marking a trail in the sand all over the place, going in a million different directions, searching for their next meal. I take in the exquisiteness of it all, the blue-green

  • Descriptive Essay-Chesapeake Beach

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    Chesapeake Beach Strolling down a beaten dirt trail with green mossy trees on either side. A soft breeze brushes a kiss against my cheek, as it pushes past, earth mixing with sea salt hits my nose. Soon the faint sound of waves kissing the shore, children’s laughter, and seagulls screeching calls to me. Walking along the winding dirt trail until the texture beneath my toes change. The trees part and on either side the trees rise into the air, becoming cliffs as far as my eyes can see. Instead