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  • It's The Crunch Time

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    crunch time guide to learn what ICD-10 is exactly, why it’s happening now, and how you can successfully switch diagnostic code sets come October 1st. What is ICD-10? Before we move on to what you can expect transitioning to the new code sets, let’s discuss what these new code sets represent. Starting October 1st, providers will no longer be able to report using ICD-9 diagnosis codes which are sets of numbers containing three to five characters and a decimal point (e.g. 562.10). Instead, providers will

  • Diagnostic Coding And Procedural Coding

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    facility management. The diagnosis codes are divided into chapters, sections, subsections, and subcategories (1). A coder should become familiar with all of the codes before the individual moves on. It is very important to understand when an additional code or codes are needed, what codes are secondary, and when additional information may be needed to complete the code (1). Also, the coder should always code the reason why the patient sought medical advice as the main diagnosis (1). There are many

  • Essay on The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders

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    The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) has a number of features. First of all, every disorder is identified using a name and a numerical code. In addition, the manual provides the criteria for diagnosing each disorder as well as establishes subtypes of a disorder and examples that would illustrate the disorder. The manual goes further by addressing the typical age of onset, culturally related information, gender-related information, prevalence of a disorder, typical clinical

  • Evaluating Compliance Strategies in Medical Billing and Coding

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    In the medical billing and coding process there are several steps. In the medical billing process physicians prepare and sign documentation of the patients visit. The next step is to post the medical codes and transactions of the patients visit in the practice management program and to prepare claims. The process used to generate claims must comply with the rules imposed by federal and state laws as well as with payer requirements. Claims that are correct help to reduce the chance of an investigation

  • Case Study : Lesson 9 Exercise 1

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    Lesson 9 exercise 1: The information that should be obtained from the patient at the time of scheduling the appointment is the reason for the visit, name, DOB, phone number, and insurance information. It is important for the medical assistant to verify whether the office is a preferred provider with the patient’s insurance at the time the appointment is scheduled to alleviate any confusion or misunderstanding, and so the patient can make the choice to find another provider that accepts their insurance

  • Medical Assistant Externship Experience

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    about different diagnoses and ways to cope and address different situations surrounding them that I can use in my personal life. Talking with Dr. Plemmer and finding information to use in the ADHD group helped me realize I really am able to use my diagnosis to help others that may be struggling to accept and acknowledge the positive side of ADHD not just the complications and negative aspects. Overall, the most valuable lesson I took away from my externship experience was that at the end of the day

  • What Are The Standardized Code Sets?

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    Portability and Accountability Act. HIPAA mandates providers and contractors to use approved standardized code sets so as to ensure the ebb and flow of our health care system can continue to improve and become more efficient. Let's look at it another way. You have hundreds of thousands of medical facilities all coding their bills. Imagine if they all did things differently and all used different code sets how much harder it would be for insurance companies to pay out in a timely manner. When HIPAA

  • Psy 270 Week 9 Final Paper

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    involved with counseling, is a process of assessment of the client. It may involve a standardized model of questioning, testing or a means of gathering information in which to use in the formulation of a diagnosis in a client. Evaluation is an important part of diagnoses and as such is listed in the Code of Ethics (American Counseling Association [ACA], 2014), (“American Counseling Association Online education resources CE ethics publications careers conferences,” n.d.)in section E. An example of an instance

  • Treatment Plan For John's Depression

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    This paper will discussion John’s background, work environment and relationships with family. It will explain the interview process, behavioral observations, level of depression, and angry. It will also exploring how John’s depression has led to his drinking problem and what form of treatment would be best suited to reach John’s goals of freeing himself of depression and anger, so he can live a happy life. Treatment Plan for John’s Depression John is a married man, who serves in the military service

  • Human Subjects : The Current Proposal Involves Testing

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    Human Subjects Research: Protection of Human Subjects: The current proposal involves testing of deidentified samples from dengue patients. All collection of dengue samples from patients was carried out in the CDC. A total of 60 acute serum samples were collected from febrile patients in Puerto Rico and Costa Rica (2009–2011) suspected of having dengue 0–5 days after onset of symptoms and whose average age was 14.3 years, in a study approved by the CDC IRB. Related Research or R&D: This section summarizes