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  • Diamonds, Diamonds And Diamonds

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    Diamonds are the most expensive and beautiful jewels in the world. Throughout the mankind’s history these desirable, exceptional, and alluring gemstones have been attracting much attention. Uncut stones decorated the armor of knights and faceted ones embellished the crowns of royal persons. The owners of diamonds were adored and envied as crystals were sparkling on noble ladies and fascinated all the people around them. Nowadays, diamonds are viewed not only as symbols of love and betrothal, but

  • Discovery Of Diamonds And Gold Diamonds

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    Discovery of Diamonds Most all of the world has had a love affair with diamonds. They are sparkling, mesmerizingly beautiful and considered rare gems. Yet, if you knew the history and the blood that is shed over the 133 million carats of diamonds mined each year, you would probably never buy a diamond again. Diamonds have been considered valuable since they were found. To understand the diamond industry we must first look at when they were discovered and where they are mined. Although, the first

  • Why Diamonds Are Worth A Diamond

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    ring being a diamond one. A popular way of selling an engagement ring by telling the consumer where they should buy their engagement ring. The engagement ring, specifically ones with diamonds, is an interesting concept that is known as a widespread tradition. One compelling notion is that a person has to spend three months’ salary to buy one is also compelling. Some people would say that to be truly considered engaged you would need to have a diamond. They also believe that diamonds are forever.

  • Diamonds: Diamond and Cubic Zirconium

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    Diamonds shine and sparkle. Diamonds are very old and are made of a very basic mineral. They are a symbol of portable wealth and thought of when searching for engagement or wedding rings. Money may or may not be an issue, real is better than fakes because value, different colors, and they last for generations. Some people will disagree and think that any gem will do when looking for jewelry. Most people will buy the cheapest stones they can buy. This paper will inform and enlighten any reader

  • Diamond Industry

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    Industry Analysis Diamond Industry (Gem Based diamonds) The Diamond industry is essentially broken up into 3 segments: 1. Industrial Diamonds—natural and synthetic diamonds that are used in a wide range of manufacturing processes for their physical properties. 2. Jewelry Diamonds—rough diamonds cut for use as gemstones in jewelry. 3. Investment Diamonds—high-quality large gemstones, often with special characteristics, purchased for investment. The Jewelry and Investment segments together

  • Conflict Diamonds

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    Marks each ) | | Case 1 | Conflict Diamonds | | | During the late 1990s South African diamond product De Beers and other companies on the diamond industry discovered that some of the diamonds they were buying or selling came from groups who used the proceeds to finance brutal civil wars. In Sierra Leone, rebels took control of diamond mines by systematically chopping off the arms and hands of as many as 20,000 children, women and men until the diamond operations were turned over to them. Similarly

  • The Diamond And Conflict Diamond

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    Introduction Blood Diamond or Conflict Diamond another term used to describe the illegal trade of diamond in Africa. The Blood Diamond is been used to finance conflicts, wars and humans rights violations. The Conflict exists for many years, profits have been made from the illegal trade of diamonds, Rebels and warlords use the diamonds to buy arms. There are many countries involved in the illicit trading the blood diamond, Sierra Leone, Republic of Congo, Liberia, and Angola. This assignment is about

  • The Diamond Is Forever By De Beers Diamonds

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    “A Diamond is forever.” Or is it really? For about 80 years, the De Beers diamond company has pulled off one of the best marketing schemes a company could wish for. Indeed, how much would you estimate your diamond engagement ring wrapped around your finger? A fair amount would be the right thing to say. However, the compressed carbon stone is worth less than anyone would imagine, which is why De Beers has been so successful, which, thanks to a good use of marketing as well as strategy, has led the

  • Essay On A Diamond

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    With the rarity of oval cuts, it can be tough to find a diamond that makes a great engagement ring. Luckily, if you love oval cut gemstones, you'll be able to find plenty of other rings with that shape. Oval gemstones and diamond rings are more affordable than some other cuts like the brilliant round, yet, they have a brighter shine and look larger than the round cut. It's a surprise how many people will go with a traditional round when they could get a larger stone with an oval. Along with more

  • The Diamonds And Diamond Jewelry Market

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    Facts: The diamonds are basically luxurious goods which can be used for both jewelry and investment. The diamond industry can be classified into two categories; one dealing with gem grade diamonds and other dealing with industry grade diamonds. De Beers is the major player in the industry and mostly whole of the industry sales is controlled even if the sales are of certified diamonds or of the non-certified diamonds. Literature: The US is still the sale growth engine of the global diamond jewelry