Diesel particulate filter

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  • The Impact of Biodiesel on Automotive Catalyst Performance Essay

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    Stringent diesel emissions regulations around the world have put much pressure on the shoulders of manufactures to reduce the level of emissions entering the atmosphere from diesel engines. Much of the initial attempt to achieve this by the manufactures was by the substitution of biodiesel in place of the conventional petroleum diesel. In order to create a balance between the vehicle performance and the imposed emissions regulations, many manufacturers prefer to blend petroleum diesel with biodiesel

  • Sustainability Strategy for Heavy-Duty Diesel in Wilimington

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    Memo: Heavy-Duty Diesel in Wilimington Between investment in new fueling technologies and preparing the existing (and future) workforce to implement and maintain new forms of technology, heavy-duty diesel improvements could have a major impact on the community of Wilmington. Especially given the large amount of goods movement that initiates in Wilmington; there is great potential to reduce the environmental impact of this industry through the improvement of heavy-duty diesel operations. Maintaining

  • Emission Standards of the Diesel Engine

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    Diesel engines began to be used in automobiles in the 1930s. They are used in many trucks, ships, buses and small passenger cars in Europe right now.[1] Many believe that diesel engine are heavier, noisier and generate black smock when running. However, diesel engine’s unique advantages can make them the engine of the future for vehicles. And with much more stringent standard to take effect in the future, diesel engine’s emissions and control technologies are still very much in the forefront. This

  • Article Review : The Particulate Matter 2.5

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    10 word limit) The PM2.5 (particulate matter 2.5) emissions from household raw coal affect the life expectancy in China Article Preview/“Teaser” (10-15 words, Arial, 10 point, the teaser is NOT the same as an Abstract) Please insert a few brief sentences that will catch a reader’s attention. These words will display in the search results list. Try to include a question or statement that describes your article and the most important keywords for the article. The particulate matter 2.5 (PM2.5) emissions

  • Essay on Comparing Cars According to their Eninges and Fuel

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    There are three main types of cars or other vehicles that you can find on the road driving around today. Those three types would be, gasoline powered, diesel powered or the electric/hybrid vehicle. Of those three which type of car is the cleanest? That is the question I aim to answer. There are three different questions I intend on answering to figure out which car is the cleanest. The first question will be, what type of car takes the least amount of energy to produce? Second, which car gives off

  • The Compression Ratio Of A Diesel Engine

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    The compression ratio is the ratio of the maximum to minimum volume in the cylinder of an internal combustion engine. The compression ratio for a diesel engine usually ranges between 15:1 and 23:1. The reason being for this high compression ratio is purposely higher causing the temperature of the air to rise. A four-stroke engine has a camshaft which is used to rotate at half the speed of the crankshaft. (1:2 Ratio) Therefore the crankshaft will need to rotate twice for the camshaft to make one rotation

  • Engine Management System ( Ems )

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    subsystem Air subsystem is a key factor in determining torque output and, engine performance. More the cylinder charged with clean air, the higher the maximum possible engine power output. Figure 1 shows the main components of an air subsystem: The air filter prevents particles and dust from entering the engine in order to reduce wear in the bearings, piston rings, cylinder walls. It also prevents higher fuel consumption and pollutant emissions which result from particles in the engine. Then supercharging/turbocharging

  • Electrostatic Precipitators

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    precipitators are designed to filter out dust particles from exhaust gases produced by industrial work. 99.9% of the dust particulates is captured by the precipitator, reducing the amount of dirty air passing into the atmosphere. (“Introduction to Precipitators”, 2oo7) Air pollution is a major problem in Hong Kong and across the globe. Power stations generate tonnes of pollution every year, deteriorating the air quality of the city. The waste they create is filled with dust and particulates, which can be detrimental

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cetane

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    benzene, formaldehyde, and acetaldehyde. Typical reductions in these tour gaseous toxic emissions achievable by increasing the cetane number of a fuel by ten numbers. It is Soluble Organic Fraction of Particulate Matter particulate matter. These reductions in the soluble organic fraction of the particulate matter are expected in-turn to reduce the emissions of both poly-aromatic hydrocarbons and nitrated poly-aromatic hydrocarbons. Thermal and Oxidative Stability A cetane improvement additive that is

  • The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Biodiesel Fuel

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    Biodiesel Word count: Introduction Biodiesels are one way new energy sources are developed. Biodiesel refers to a vegetable oil - or animal fat-based diesel fuel consisting of long-chain alkyl esters. Biodiesel is typically made by chemically reacting lipids (e.g., vegetable oil, animal fat with an alcohol producing fatty acid esters). The origin of biodiesel fuel, the earlier engines worked so smoothly on earth-nut or pea-nut oil that only a few people were aware of it. These