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  • Digital Art: Art Of The Digital Age

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    Digital art is a general term for a range of works by the artists who use digital technologies as a major part of the processes of creation and representation (Paul, 2006). Specifically, digital technology refers to the application of computers as media and partners for the artists in creating art works. However, digital industry is often a vague term and does not clearly define the final form of the art work. In his book called Art of The Digital Age, Wands (2006) has classified digital art works

  • Digital Art Analysis

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    n this paper, I will be analyzing the following piece of digital art. Now the first thing I notice when I look at this picture is the color, it's mostly calm or cool colors mostly shades of blue or white. Which can mean many things that this person was feeling calm or was in a relaxed state while making this piece of digital art . or that he was depressed . The open theme of this picture brings a sense of calm and peace to me. The what look to be planets surrounding the tower in the middle also

  • Community Digital Art

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    Many artists around the world work with a canvas, on paper, and many other ways of drawing, even since computers and technology became mainstream artist have also started using the digital world as their canvas. I started digital art when I first started on the computer and I’ve been hooked ever since. Digital art is a great way of drawing without making a mess on your desk, it’s all accomplished in files and programs on your computer. In the beginning there wasn’t really any programs that allowed

  • Digital Art : Traditional Vs. Traditional Art

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    Usually, the word “art” is associated with painting, or the class that was required in primary school, but that is not always the case. There are far more mediums and styles to art than one can imagine. There are two major groups to art, traditional and digital. Traditional includes majority of the arts that require being hands-on and having a physical result, such as a painted canvas, or a clay sculpture. Digital art uses a computer to create the art, such as using a drawing tablet, or a 3D sculpting

  • Contemporary Art Issues: Digital Art in Malaysia

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    Introduction Digital art started around 1952 in US when Ben F. Laposky produced Oscillon Number Four. Artist always eager to produce something that beyond limitation of technology and mostly, artist at that time is computer programmer because no graphic software was available at that time. Herbert W. Franke, John Withney Sr. and Ben F. Laposky are one of the pioneers in digital art. Ben Laposky has created first graphic image generated by an analog machine. A mathematician and artist from Iowa

  • Essay about The Acceptance of Digital Art

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    Acceptance of Digital Art Digital art has a fifty-year history of innovation and experimentation with new technology. The Pioneers of digital art were not artists but people who were exploring new visions through computers and the writing of computer programs. According to the Digital Art Museum, which is a joint venture between London Guildhall University and two independent art galleries, digital art can currently be classified according to three phases Phase I of digital art was from 1956-1986

  • Digital Art: The Central Point Between Technology and Art Essay

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    The digital Art is the central point between Technology and Art with a great impact to new development on presentation and communication to viewers. This concern the application of digital technology and the use of article to give information through art work. The impact of technology within an arts context lies above all in the fact that the technology is used to beauty Viewers who see how technology is used, begin to realize that it can be used in creative and other ways than were intended. In

  • Digital Art And Its Impact On Contemporary Culture

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    Digital art is a discipline that brings together all artistic works created with or involving digital media. This paper aims at addressing the various areas of research associated with the ideas of digital art, starting from the history, through its various dimensions and demonstrations, working and functionalities of computer, significant work in the area and ending with the emergence of various ideas that surrounds this developing discipline. The history of digital art, which can be more broadly

  • Digital Media And The Origin Of New Media Art

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    Nowadays, more often than not, we tend to loosely define New Media as Digital Media, primarily because these media’s internet-dependency. However, the origins of new media art can be traced to the moving photographic inventions of the late 19th century such as the zoetrope (1834), the praxinoscope (1877) and Eadweard Muybridge's zoopraxiscope (1879). From the 1920s through the 1950s, various forms of kinetic and light art, from Thomas Wilfred's 'Lumia' (1919) and 'Clavilux' light organs to Jean Tinguely's

  • Digital Media And Video Art And New Media Art

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    Pop culture and art have always intertwined, as art often reflect the culture and time of that period. Now in this tech savvy culture of the 21st century, artists are trying to explain this weird new era of technology seeping into our everyday lives, through video art and screen based media. There is no doubt that the Internet has transformed our everyday lives, with useful apps, online banking and social media, the world is not the same as it was 10 years ago. Future generations, wont even remember