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  • Example Of Dim Sum

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    1.) The above picture is a several of steaming hot and colorful dim sum (also known as Dian Xin (heart’s delight) or Yum Cha (drinking tea), from Chinese Cuisine. Dim sum has as many as 150 items on a single menu and about 2,000 items in the entire range; it could be fried, steamed or baked (1. Guide to Dim Sum by Hong Kong Tourism Board website). Dim sum is a prevalent and comfort food in any Chinese country. Depending how dim sum is presented to customers and consumers, they can be classified as

  • History And Background Of Chinese Cuisine

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    History/ Background Chinese is one of the oldest cultures in the world. The Xia dynasty is known as the first to rule the entire China in 2070 BC. Therefore, along with the time, there have been many changes in the history of Chinese cuisine. Dim Sum is related with the term “yum cha”, which means “to drink tea”. This is started at around hundreds years ago, in Canton (Guangdong Province), when the travellers on the ancient Silk Road took some rest in the middle of their journey, and they usually

  • Case Study Of Din Tai Fung

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    Din Tai Fung is one of the successful cases of a F&B Establishment in Singapore. Various information such as the background of the organisation, brand, menu, estimated income and cost, marketing efforts will be furthered discuss in this report from a potential investor point of view. 1.1. Historical Background Yang Bingyi was the founding father of Din Tai Fung, who was born in late 1920s in China’s Shanxi Province. He migrated to Taiwan as a young gentleman with hope of looking for better prospects

  • Bilingual Phenomenon

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    1. Introduction What is bilingualism? It is very difficult yet problematic to define bilingualism because many people with different bilingual characteristics might be classified as bilingual (National Association for Language Development in the Curriculum, 2011). What we can simply clarify is that bilingualism is the ability to use two languages. As we all know, Hong Kong, a modern city of the world, is a well-known bilingual city based on historical, economic, political and social factors. And

  • My Overseas Trip

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    My first overseas trip was Summer, 1985. It was an amazing and fascinating trip, which I will never forget. My mom and grandma decided I was old enough to know about my heritage and background, so they announced am going to Hong Kong and stayed one week in San Francisco to visit my cousins. Staying one week in San Francisco was pleasant I can visit my cousins, but at that time going Hong Kong was my priority. We took a night flight and stayed couple hours in the Taiwan airport to transfer another

  • Analysis: Yan Toh Heen

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    1. Duddell’s A trendy restaurant on Duddell Street, Duddell’s has been a food haven for anyone who delights in art and good food. The restaurant features many art pieces and its interior furnishings give off an artistic ambience. Duddell’s authentic Cantonese dishes could also be enjoyed anywhere within the establishment, may it be inside the dining room, the cozy salon and library upstairs, or head up to the garden terrace to enjoy the sun. Image Source: https://www.scmp.com/sites/defa

  • Analysis Of The Article ' The What Street '

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    The What Street? Mom grips my wrist with her clammy hand, sweat running down her forehead from the hot, early September Saturday. She drags seven year-old me along the street before turning a corner, ignoring my wails and protest. I don’t want to go to Chinese School. What’s the point of it anyways? My friends tell me they watch television over the weekend. But sadly, my schedules are packed with academics every day. Mom’s other hand holds my sister’s, only five years-old and too young to realize

  • Executive Summary: Din Tai Fung

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    1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Food and beverage key stakeholders support the need for transformation in order for food and beverage companies to survive in a competitive and global market. Din Tai Fung is a restaurant originating in Taiwan, specialising in “Xiao Long Bao” dumplings. Outside its native Taiwan, Din Tai Fung also has branches in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, the United States and Thailand. 2. INTRODUCTION Din Tai Fung, the founder Yang Bingyi

  • Saussure's Theory Of Signs In Advertising

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    A successful advertisement can encourage consumer’s desire to purchase. It is an important way to create meaning by the use of signs in an advertisement. ‘We make meanings through our creation and interpretation of signs’, declares Daniel Chandler (2007:19). According to Saussure (1972), Semiotics involves everything that can be taken as a sign. This essay aims to use Saussure’s theory of signs and Barthes’s study on mythologies to analyse an advert about Suntory oolong tea. This advert is a video

  • Consumer Society And The Social Society

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    some of the social inequalities that can underpin this. It will briefly introduce conspicuous consumption in relation to the seduced. Secondly supermarket power and monopolies are discussed. Finally it will introduce the concepts of positive and zero sum games in relation to supermarkets. Bauman’s argument is that “society remains unequal and divided today on the basis of whether or not you are in a position to consume effectively” (Allen, 2014, p.275) although he also argues that “the forms of inequality