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  • Buffalo Bill Wild West Summary

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    The westward expansion of American citizens was a progressive action that helped the nation to move forward during the mid-eighteen hundreds. The land that was being claimed came to be known as the frontier and few people settled there due to the perceived threat of Indians and what they thought was a lack of economic opportunity. This land was taken over by farmers and herders that controlled buffalo and used the fertile soil to make a living. The story of “Buffalo Bill’s Wild West: Celebrity, Memory

  • Industrial Western Movie: There Will Be Blood Essay

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    There Will be Blood (2007) is an entertaining movie that delineates in various forms that will be discussed from other western genres. It is a story that is formed from a novel by Upton Sinclair’s book, Oil! (1927) (Belton, 2009, p.401). Many westerns were based on dime novels that were written in the mid and late 1800s (Belton, 2009, p.246). American society was going through a transitional period from an agrarian society to an industrial society in the 1800s and early 1900s (Wright 2001; Desk

  • Polio Viocine : Vaccine, And The Legacy Of Jonas Salk

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    In the early 1800’s, there was an outbreak of polio, a potentially life-threatening disease, in the United States affecting most of the population (“What is Polio”). The oliovirus invades the brain and spinal cord that causes that dysfunction within the muscles and can eventually cause paralysis. The virus enters through the mouth and reproduces in the throat and intestines. The virus can be transmitted through person-to-person contact such as coughing or sneezing or by feces. The most common way

  • Jonas Salk and the Polio Vaccine Essay example

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    Dr. Jonas Salk was an American medical researcher, physician, and virologist who developed the first safe and effective polio vaccine. Before this vaccine was created, polio vaccines usually contained live, weakened forms of the virus, but Salk developed a vaccine that contained an inactivated, dead form of polio, the first of its kind. Until the Salk vaccine was introduced on April 12, 1955, polio was considered the most frightening health problem in the United Sates. Just 3 years before the vaccine

  • The Bubonic Plague: The Polio Vaccine

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    “The single biggest threat to man’s continued dominance on the planet is the virus” Nobel Prize winner Joshua Lederberg once said. Throughout history, this statement has proved to be true. In fourteenth century Europe, the Bubonic Plague killed off almost half of the European population. During the first interactions between Columbus and the natives, Smallpox eradicated entire Native tribes. And in the time of the Industrial Revolution, cholera outbreaks have left millions dead. Since their outbreaks

  • To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter 1 Analysis

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    The black characters act justly throughout the novel by treating every one with equality and respect. In Chapter 12, when Jem and Scout visit Calpurnia’s Negro church for the Sunday service, Lula, a hostile Negro woman tells them impolitely to leave. Calpurnia defends the children and contradicts Lula by saying, “It’s the same God, ain’t it?” Amidst an argument over the antagonistic rifts between black and white regimes, Calpurnia acknowledges that all people, no matter the race, worship the same

  • Three Examples Of Dystopian Fiction

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    envisioned a bleak dystopian world in which mankind has lost many important objects, and sometimes intangible values as well. Three examples of dystopian fiction are Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World and George Orwell’s two novels, Animal Farm and 1984. Through these and other

  • Power Is Leadership: The Abuse Of Power

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    “Power can be used as a tool for success or it can be used as a weapon to destroy” (Dr. Megan Reitz) There is two ways power can be used positive or negative. Power can either be abused or managed, it can be abused to destroy and used based on personal preference or it can be managed and organized to help grow and become something big. This can be proved by our history of leaders all around the world. The leader of Germany in the 1935s was Adolf Hitler he is a perfect example of a negative power

  • William Golding's Writing Style In Lord Of The Flies

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    In Lord of the Flies, the William Golding’s writing style is very prominent. Throughout the entire novel, he is very descriptive when it comes to the physical appearance of the boys and their surroundings. When he describes a pig’s removed head, he states, “The head remained there, dim-eyed, grinning faintly, blood blackening between the teeth.” (Pg. 137). Golding takes care to describe the more morbid subjects with somber and dark details rather than plain, lighthearted details. This becomes more

  • The Separation Of What A Boy Or A Girl

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    market. Children’s novels began not just as tools just for the benefit of literacy, but as ideal characters to model behavior. In the 19th century the American Sunday School Union began to create books for children that would help develop morally (Foreman, History of Adolescent Literature). These literature books had obvious religious themes and presented didactic lessons meant to show children the consequences of failing to be proper. A perfect example of this kind of novel is Hubert Lee: Or How