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    Mabolo (Diospyros blancoi) Velvet Apple A member of the Ebenaceae family, mabolo is known for its value as an ornament, rather than for its fruit. Its wood is commonly known in the Philippines as kamagong, and it is the fruit that goes by the name of mabolo. It is an evergreen forest tree that is medium-sized, and has an oval or conical-shaped crown. Depending on the way it was planted, a mabolo tree may have long, straight stems or short trunks. Its leaves are oblong-shaped, which are big and

  • Organisms of the African Savanna Essay

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    THE MEERKAT (Suricata suricatta) The meerkat , otherwise known as the suricate, is a small, furry member of the Mongoose family (Herpestidae) that can stand upright. The creatures have round, fluffy bellies with smaller, more slender limbs. Their snouts are small and pointed, coming to a sharp tip at the animal’s black nose. It lives in the African Savanna grasslands in groups of twenty five to fifty. These groups are called mobs or manors. The female meerkat gives birth to two to five pups

  • The Importance Of Black Americans In America

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    education. African American high school rates are at 60%. A small percent of that will drop out right before graduation. Compared to white young men, the percent is 80%. The law of nature verbally limited “no child is parting behind.” So, why don’t Diospyros benumb citizenry value instilling? Statistics have shown that there are more coal black people veneer the issue of impecunious versus Elwyn Brooks White people. Especially for the jet-black families that reside in urban community of interests, it

  • A Report On Dehradun : Dehradun

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    Dehradun : Dehradun is located in the Doon Valley in the foothills of the Himalayas nestled between two of India 's mightiest rivers - the Ganges on the east and the Yamuna on the west. The Dehradun district has various types of physical geography from Himalayan Mountains to Plains. Raiwala is the lowest point at 315 meters above sea level, and the highest points are within the Tiuni hills, rising to 3700 m above sea level. The Doon valley has the Terai and Bhabar forests within it as well as the

  • The Formation Of Acc And Its Conversion Into Ethylene

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    The evolution of ACC also brings about the production of 5¢-methylthioadenosine-nine. Increase in the rate of respiration of the fruit gives ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) need for the methionine cycle and can lead to induced ethylene production without high levels of intracellular methionine. SAM is a crucial methyl giver and relates to numerous aspects of cellular metabolism. Thus, the two steps involved in the synthesis of ethylene is the formation of ACC and its conversion into ethylene. The genes

  • How China Has The Richest Woody Plants Of 95 Families

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    Zhang ,Jian Xin (2005) summarized that China have the richest woody plants of 95 families,338 genera and 1128 species. Kucuk and Erturk (2013) surveyed Protected Areas in Turkey reported that flora and fauna are very rich with a high endemism and wider genetic diversity with more than 90000 species including flora and fauna which cover approximately 9500 vascular plants, 4000 lower plants. Shrestha (2003) presented an appraisal report on Oaks in Himalayan region which are evergreen, mostly

  • Falcata

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    Paraserianthes falcataria - Southeast Asia's Growth Champion By whatever common or scientific names it is known, Paraserianthes falcataria (L.) Nielsen is a valuable multipurpose tree for the humid tropics. One of the fastest growing of all tree species, it is used for pulp and other wood products, fuelwood, ornamental plantings and shade for coffee, tea and cattle. Potential uses for which it is being tested include alley farming and intercropping in forest plantations.    BOTANY: "Falcataria"

  • Animal Products And Its Effects On Myanmar

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    In Myanmar, NTFPs is defined as “all kinds of forest produce other than timber and firewood.” This includes animals, vegetables, and mineral products (Khin Maung Lwin 1995). Myanmar Forest Law 1992 called NTFPs as minor forest produce. According to the Forest Law 1992, NTFPs are declared for revenue collection. Forest Department levy tax on 29 kinds of forest products including NTFPs according to the law. The production of NTFPs from 2010 to 2014 is shown in the Appendix 1. NTFPs in Myanmar can be

  • Biology Vitamin C Lab Report

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    BIOLOGY LAB REPORT TITLE: DETERMINING THE VITAMIN C CONTENT IN VARIOUS FRUIT JUICE PREPARED BY: NOR HUSNA BINTI MOHD ROSLI CLASS: SC3 (ALUK 11) IC NUMBER: STUDENT ID: LECTURER’S NAME: MADAM ZAKIAH BINTI ZAKARIA SUBMISSION DATE: 22 AUGUST 2013 OBJECTIVES: To investigate the vitamin C content in various fruit juices which is based on the graph’s curve obtained. INTRODUCTION [pic] Vitamin C, or also known as ascorbic acid (L-ascorbic and L-dehydroascorbic