Direct Instruction

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  • Direct Instruction Models And Lecture Instruction Model

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    research conducted on direct-instruction model and lecture-instruction model. The articles, however, vary in their definitions and uses. Lindsey (2014) suggest that Direct-Instruction works, providing rapid gains, gains that persist, gains that increase self-esteem because children have real skills they can be proud of. Lindseys statement, merely hits the surface of Direct-Instruction since it is best for learning specific concepts and/or skills. When delivering direct-instruction the instructor must

  • Direct Instruction

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    Direct Instruction Following the many approaches, theories, and development through cognitive, conceptual, constructivist styles of teaching, the Direct Instruction allows a constant source of inspiration, support, encouragement, and motivation. By starting the education of life applied to myself, my family, my daily actions in all I do, this action applies the appropriate knowledge, dispositions, and performances in developing diverse approaches to strategies that are constructive, consistent

  • Classroom Comprehension : Building Comprehension Skills

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    Building Comprehension Skills Brittany Cronin COE 501—Introduction to Research and Evaluation in Education Fall B 2014 Dr. Ray Ostos Building Comprehension Skills Walk into any school and you will hear the word comprehension. Comprehending text is a necessity for all students in all grade levels as well as individuals entering college and beyond. With the launch of the Common Core State Standards, students need to be able to show their comprehension of text numerous ways, and if the students

  • A Research Study On Student Performance Essay

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    students. The data being analyzed consists of three different points of data that enables the research to be more reliable and provides a more accurate view of student performance in the classes with direct instruction as the method of teaching, and classes where the teacher utilizes hands-on instruction as their primary method of teaching. To conduct this research, there have been six teachers selected from Mena Middle School. Two of the teachers are novice teachers, having less than three years experience

  • Students With Emotional / Behavioral Disorders ( Ebd ) Become Successful Essay

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    schools providing direct services to the children with EBD. This may be in the form of counseling, behavior plan writing, family and community outreach, or response to intervention and crisis intervention (Agresta, 2004). The helping professionals in schools generally have undergone rigorous training in working with children, and they also tend to be the center of services, often working with administration, educational staff, community and family (Agresta, 2004). Effective instruction for students

  • Direct Instruction Analysis

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    Direct instructions (DI) are instructional approaches that breaks down complex concepts into small learning steps. These learning steps are taught in sequence. Students are provided with ample time to practice each learning step. In addition, students master one step before moving to the next. DI also involves the teacher providing students with explicit explanations and demonstrations. The teacher uses less formal language throughout the learning process. Students’ mastery is frequently monitored

  • The Direct Instruction Approach Essay

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    Direct Instruction There are various instructional approaches but one that is widely employed by many teachers is the direct instruction approach. This is the classic teaching style that many people remember during K-12 grade school. The teacher would stand in front of the class lecturing while writing on the black board. That is why direct instruction is also known as “Chalk and Talk” (Evans, 2006). Direct instruction is not out of date and is still appropriate in many situations today. The

  • The Importance Of Direct And Directional Instruction

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    math. This made me think of what could we implement that would help these students and I thought direct/intentional/explicit instruction. So, what is direct or intentional instruction? “Directly/explicitly teaching reading means imparting new information to students through meaningful teacher–student interactions and teacher guidance of student learning” (Rupley, etc… 2009). There are five aspects of direct/explicit/intentional teaching, that will help improve student learning, they are; establishing

  • Direct Instruction As An Instructional Approach

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    Direct Instruction is often associated with traditional lecture style teaching in the classroom and is most commonly used teaching method. Direct Instruction is an instructional approach that is teacher led either by lecture or demonstration and is structured and sequenced in nature (Hidden Curriculum, 2014). One of the fundamental characteristics of Direct Instruction is providing new material to the students’ by presenting the content into understandable and logical steps. Another characteristic

  • Explicit Direct Instruction: An Analysis

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    Hollingsworth and Ybarra (2009) discussed the importance of objective in chapter four in Explicit Direct Instruction: The power of the well-crafted, well-taught lesson. The purpose of the objective is that what students learn should not be a secret and needs to be clearly communicated to the students in order to avoid confusion. The problem often lies in the teacher misaligning the objective with the standards or deviation from the objective that can be confusing for students to understand. Teaching