Directed-energy weapon

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  • Reflection Paper On Toshiba Flatscreen

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    be used much safer and more comfortably: High powered lights often used in Growing operations, like with Hydroponics and Marijuana, and Used to the extreme in the application of DEW or Directed Energy Weapons. Lasers and microwaves can be used to impact physical beings and objects through the use of Directed Energy. Working like a modern complex version of Archimedes 's Mirror

  • Military Weapons And Shotguns

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    protective equipment is so important for the safety of soldiers, advances in weapons is what wins wars. The United States military is constantly designing new weapons for soldiers because with each new threat, a new counter is needed. As for weapons used to take the enemy out, there are infinite possibilities of weapons that could be designed for that area weaponry. The Unites States military is trying to design weapons that no other country has so that the enemy won't know what hit them and would

  • Space Weapons Essay

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    Should the U.S. place limits on the development of space weapons? What should go in the category of space weapon? What challenges will be faced in the development of space weapons? How will these developments tie into furthering technology for space travel? How will these advances affect life here on earth? Currently the United States does not have weapons of mass destruction in space. The United States does have tactical devices in space providing defense and supporting campaigns that take place

  • Advanced Military Technologies

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    altered the military landscape. Due to the changing landscape, questions have arisen regarding the legality and ethics of the use of such technologies. Advanced military technologies such as directed energy weapons, autonomous vehicles and robots, and cyber weapons seem to seem to fall into categories of weapons not yet created or restricted, challenging the long established international humanitarian laws. (Allenby) Technology changes more rapidly than we might expect. In the 65 years since the Geneva

  • What Is Utilitarianism Approach?

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    as stated in the book, utilitarianism is consequentialist moral theory which focused on consequences that promote the good for the greatest number of people (Harper 23). By analyzing a case study about nuclear weapon, there is not many good consequences for majority of people. Nuclear weapon project does provide some new jobs for unemployed or currently employed, but that benefit is for those who need a job. Other than that, no effect on them. Also, as a war deterrent, the effect will be influential

  • Physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer: The First Nuclear Weapon

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    Nuclear weapons are weapons that get their destructive power by turning matter into energy (Kroenig, Matthew). All nuclear weapons are explosive and can be transported in missiles, bombs, artillery shells, mines, or torpedoes. If a nuclear weapon went off in a in a large city, it would kill millions of people and destroy the environment and climate. We have only experienced what nuclear weapons are capable of and the damage they can cause in war twice. The only two nuclear weapons ever used in

  • The Race For The Atomic Bomb

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    gear. Germany had the lead; in fact, they had one of the greatest chemical engineering industries in the world. The threat of nuclear war was at hand, and the Axis powers had the lead. On May 12, 1942, an order was created to develop a nuclear weapon. As a matter of fact, this was known as the largest secret project the United States government has ever undertaken. Thus, the Manhattan Project was born. This project was introduced into over 30 different locations, including Hanford, Washington

  • The Teller-Ulam Testing

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    thermonuclear explosion. Teller and Ulam would expand the idea and create the Teller-Ulam design for thermonuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons research in the United States (US) started in 1942 and

  • Nuclear Power And Nuclear Weapons

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    able to create nuclear power; a type of energy that is integrated into atomic energy. Almost 60 years ago, had the commencement of the Manhattan Project begun on the development of the first nuclear weapon. 60 years later, 9 countries alone possess a total of over 23,000 nuclear weapons which is enough to wipe out the human population many times over. This type of power can be found in nuclear plants but has now developed into an extremely dangerous weapon. It has been used to attack other nations

  • Major Mariano Valencia ( Mexico )

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    An electronic attack is the employment of energy to localize, interfere and destroy enemy assets, Department of the Army (2009). New weapons usually demand the use of a small segment of the electromagnetic spectrum, that is called “the frequency” at which every weapon works. If the frequency of a particular weapon (radar, radios, air defense batteries, etc.) is localized, then that particular weapon can be intercepted and destroyed. The more enemy weapons