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  • Flood Tide By Clive Cussler

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    Flood Tide by Clive Cussler, Dirk Pitt shows he is always ready for whatever may come next, and he will attempt to accomplish the task to the best of his ability. Dirk Pitt continually exemplifies the true meaning of having helpfulness, bravery, and intelligence in his everyday life. Dirk Pitt, a Special Projects Director at NUMA, displays many important traits one of which is his helpfulness towards others. In the beginning of the book, President Wallace orders Pitt to help Immigration Service with

  • The Character Of Dirk Pitt In Clive Cussler´s Deep Six

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    people in the US, while trying to find where they are held captive. Dirk Pitt has to save the president yet again in the book Deep Six by Clive Cussler. Dirk Pitt reminds me of a character from the Oscar winning film: Star Wars. It is the all famous Star Wars movies, and the character that has an uncanny similarity to Dirk Pitt is Han Solo. Han solo is a person that isn’t afraid to go rogue for the better of the people. Dirk Pitt is willing to sacrifice everything he owns for another individual that

  • Essay on Diversity in the NBA

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    Diversity in the NBA Since the beginning of the National Basketball Association’s history, the number of foreign players has increased exponentially. As a matter of fact, a record ninety-two foreign players from 39 different countries and territories were active on NBA rosters at the beginning of the current season (NBA Tips Off 2013-14 Season with Record International Player Presence”). In today’s game, foreign and international players have become a common site and are fundamental parts of many

  • Why I Would Love : Mavs Moneyball?

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    Conference Semi-Finals vs. the Kings. As I 'm sure you know, the Mavs were in what appeared to be an absolute shoot-out of a series with the run and gun Kings and game 3 was the epitome of it all. It was the battle of the shooting big men that pitted Dirk against Vlade and Peja as well as a battle of flashy point guards between Steve Nash and Mike Bibby. It was the game that made me beg my mom to buy me a Nick van Exel jersey and the game that forever attached me to the Dallas Mavericks. From the

  • Analysis Of The Book ' Boy 21 '

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    I chose to read Boy 21 because when I read the summary of the book, the summary said it was about this varsity basketball player, Finley who played the can to escape the town he lives in and the temptations around him. I believe this is one of the many good reasons for sports. I feel like many good athletes today do this to escape their problems. Judging the book by its cover it looks like it will be very related to a lot of kids. And it seems like it will be fun book to read. Characters Finley

  • The Golden State Warriors And The Cleveland Cavaliers.i

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    Have you ever wanted to tryout for a travel team you really wanted to be on?Well,I have! It all started when I watched the championship basketball game between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers.I was so into the game,I was watching their every move as if a lion was stalking its prey! At this time, I was watching the game with my dad and my brother.This was the championship!! It was the last game of the 2014-2015 basketball season,which for me was the most exciting game of the

  • Personal Narrative : Bigger Than Basketball

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    Jace Link Mrs. Weber English 6A 1 May 2017 Bigger Than Basketball For a majority of people in the world, if they were to wake up with 350 million dollars, and would be able to be fully retired by 38 years old, then they would be very content and happy with their lives. Being able to wake up every day in a big mansion, lying with your family by the poolside, not worrying about financial issues for yourself or loved ones, and lastly having the great opportunity for you and your whole family, to not

  • The National Basketball Association ( Nba )

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    different cultures and ethnical backgrounds that play the game. Many great NBA players have come from different cultures and had a great career playing basketball for the NBA such as Pau Gasol who is from Spain, Manu Ginobili who is from Argentina, Dirk Nowitzki who is from West Germany, and many more great basketball players. There are many great NBA players that come from different social class such as Kobe Bryant coming from a middle class family because his father played professional basketball

  • The Importance Of A Coaching Philosophy Sets The Expectations For A Program Essay

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    A coaching philosophy sets the expectations for a program. It explains how a program operates in practice and game situations by defining the mission, vision, and core values. Mission explains the reason for a program while vision determines the outcomes a program wants to achieve. Core values define a program’s belief system and set the standard for how it will operate on and off the court. When a coach defines the mission, vision, and cores values everyone involved with the program knows what

  • My Worst Day

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    It was the summer of 2017, it was the worst summer I've ever had. My friends and I had traveled to Europe. One of my most favorite place was England. I got to meet new realities and made new friends. Sadly, I only booked a ticket for a month. After I got back from my trip everything seemed to bore me. I still had two months of summer left. When I arrived in my hometown it was 2:00 at night and I missed out on the fireworks It was July 5, a warm and sunny day. I woke up early in the morning and