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  • Informative Speech About Oktoberfest

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    which became Octoberfest. Today, the festival is more popular than ever with 5.2 million people attending during Octoberfest 2016. Clothing The two types of clothing that are mainly worn at Oktoberfest are the Lederhosen and Dirndl. The Lederhosen is worn by men and the Dirndl is worn by women. The Lederhosen emerged from Alpine regions of Germany and Austria during the 18th century. Even though there were leather pants during this time, southern Germany created the

  • German Immigration And The Republic Of Texas

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    German Immigration to the Republic of Texas German immigrants came to Texas to seek cheaper land and to escape the war in Germany. Germans settled land in Texas and they helped herd cattle. They wanted to start over in a new country. The Adelsverein founded the towns of New Braunfels and Fredericksburg. They settled in so many places and there were large numbers of Germans in each place so they named it “The German Belt”. “ The German Belt” was named because of the large number

  • Compulsory Military Conscription

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    In 1840 the biggest group of immigrants that came to texas was germany.They constituted more than 5 percent of the total Texas population. Germans have different ways they dress, different religion/ heritage, and came to texas for different and harsh reasons. Germans came to texas because texas needed unskilled labor and offered over 1,280 acres of land to each family by the republic of texas. The only requirement is they had to live on the land for 3 years. They gave single men ⅓ of the amount

  • Berlin Wall Changes

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    The clothing in Germany used to be very traditional, with fancy items for both genders to wear. Things such as lederhosen, which are trousers for the men, and dirndls, which are formal dresses for the girls. "Men now reserve lederhosen for formal or traditional events such as weddings or folk festivals” (Cameron). Nowadays, women and men’s clothing are still formal, but have come a long way. Most businessmen in

  • Analysis And Appraisal Of The Textiles And Clothing Industry

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    This report provides an analysis and appraisal of the textiles and clothing industry in Vienna, Austria and the importance of this industry as in moves towards the future. The report is representative of an industry perspective whereby taking into consideration the macroeconomic and microeconomic forces driving the textiles and clothing industry. Key findings suggest that the future of the Austrian textiles and clothing industry is somewhat bleak in conjunction with ongoing structural problems.

  • Informative Speech About Oktoberfest

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    OUTLINE WORKSHEET: Speech to Inform From beer steins, to tractors, to a week's’ worth of bad decisions. This is Oktoberfest. How unique a festival it may be, you have to wonder where it all started. Believe it or not, but this festival has been an ongoing tradition for the last 200 years. Started in the early 1800’s it originates in Germany. This manic event has leaped across continents and has become a very engrossed tradition of the United States. Oktoberfest might just look like a drunk friend

  • A Natural History Of Rape Research Paper

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    Why is it so hard to talk about rape? Maybe it’s because there are so many other issues that come along with it. Like the fact that rape can happen to men, not just women. Or if it’s a biological act or even whether an abortion is okay if the woman was raped. Rape can happen to anyone of any race, gender, or age. It can happen at any time and when it does most people just assume that it should stay quiet. Yes, the victim should get help but they can’t be too open about it because they can be judged

  • 1950s Fashion Essay

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    Fashion for women has become a major part of all decades and has changed constantly from day one. From one decade to another the trends and styles of clothes alternated drastically. The 1950’s started with long, flowy dresses. 1960’s moved to more playful, knee-length dresses. 1970’s was tight fitting clothes and platform shoes. 1980’s was all about bright colors. 1990’s included thrift shop clothes and more of a hip-hop style. Lastly, the 2000’s is all about short skirts and movie orientated clothes

  • Importance Of Cultural Awareness In Germany

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    Cultural Awareness 7.442 billion is the number of people in the world today, but out of all of those people each is uniquely different in many ways such as gender, height, personality, sexuality, and even by their culture. Within culture there lie 4 components that make up a culture which includes values, beliefs, behaviors and norms. Each culture is different in its own way which means there is always something new to learn about other cultures that you have never experienced, and it’s important

  • A Semiotic Analysis Of Paulaner Weissbier

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    A Semiotic Analysis of Paulaner Weissbier In the following text, a semiotic analysis of one German television commercial is carried out. It represents Paulaner Weissbier and was aired on several German TV channels, such as ARD and ZDF, in February 2012. There are several reasons why this commercial of Paulaner Weissbier is considered to be suitable for a semiotic analysis. Firstly, the fact that the commercial basically narrates a story indicates a certain relevance of semiotics. Moreover, the commercial's