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    Disaster recovery plans allows and gives the opportunity to a business to be able to recoup from any number of disasters, whether it may be a natural disaster or a fault of equipment to include power loss. These plans can be fairly basic with a goal and summary of what is to happen in the event of a disaster, to intensely involved and well spelled out plans that break down the summary, personal, intent, goal, and a timeline of events to follow. While disasters are unforeseen events that a business

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    Media Madness Disaster Recovery Plan Overview By Loki Consulting, Inc. Iris Morgan Heather German Gwen Northrup EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Loki Consulting, Inc. was established in 1997 as a result of Hurricane Fran. Many businesses were devastated by the storm due to the absence of a disaster recovery plan. Realizing the need for disaster recovery consultation, Loki Consulting, Inc. was created to provide businesses with expert knowledge on implementing a critical component of any organization

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    Disaster Recovery Plan Disasters are unavoidable within businesses and organizations alike. Disasters not only affect the business and organizational continuity, it will also result in a major modification of the organization’s operational mechanisms (Awasthy, 2009). Businesses now prepare a business continuity plan and a disaster recovery plan because of these reasons so that they may simplify the disaster management when next one occurs. It is highly important for every business to have an effective

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    Disaster Recovery Plan The majority of the administrative elements and many of the academic programs are heavily dependent and integrated with data processing to the extent that continued operation without data processing would require extensive alteration in methods of doing business. In the event that data processing services are interrupted for any extensive period of time, it is necessary that the University have a plan for continuing operations and reestablishing automated data processing.

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    Another key change that JRMC could make is having a viable backup copy of the database. This would help the organization if failure were to occur again and also save them from performing a full database recovery. What factors did the Root Cause analysis reveal that contributed to the system failure problem? First, root cause analysis (RCA) is a problem solving method used to identify the root cause of a problem or event. The practice is believed

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    Introduction Disaster Recovery Planning is the critical factor that can prevent headaches or nightmares experienced by an organization in times of disaster. Having a disaster recovery plan marks the difference between organizations that can successfully manage crises with minimal cost, effort and with maximum speed, and those organizations that cannot. By having back-up plans, not only for equipment and network recovery, but also detailed disaster recovery plans that precisely outline what steps

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    Disaster Recovery Plan Student’s name: Tutor’s name: Course title: Date Introduction Disasters have become an inevitable part of businesses and organizations as well. They not only have a major effect on business and organizational continuity; they also result to an overhaul in organizational operational mechanisms (Awasthy, 2009). It is for this reason that many organizations and business resort to preparing business continuity plans and disaster recovery plans that will facilitate

  • Disaster Recovery Plan Executive Summary

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    For an organization to properly and effectively handle a disaster several keys steps must occur, the first is creating and documenting proper policies and procedures to implement once the disaster recovery plan is implemented. The second is creating an executive summary of the DR plan that will outline the overall plan. The last key step is identifying teams and individuals that will be part of and responsible for the disaster recovery plan and process. The DR team member will be on call and will

  • Disaster Recovery And Business Continuity Planning

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    Introduction 3 Business Continuity Plan: What is it exactly? 4 Disaster Recovery 5 Difference between Business continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery 5 Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning Audit 6 Best Practices for BCP and DR Plan 9 Conclusion 13 References 14 Abstract Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity planning are the processes that help organizations to prepare for the disruptive events that may occur. Disaster recovery events in the past were designed to provide backup options

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    Create a Bullet-Proof Disaster Recovery Plan for the Entire Organization Elizabeth M. Ferrarini, She is a free-lance writer from Boston, Massachusetts. Reach her at iswive@aol.com Minutes after the first of two planes plunged into the World Trade Center 's Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, Inc., the largest tenant in the World Trade Center, declared a disaster and rushed its disaster recovery plan into place with the help of SunGard Recovery Solutions, a third-party