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  • Assignment Incentive Pay (AIP)

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    Section before 10 days prior to the 15-year anniversary date of federal active service. (b) If the document is accurately filled out and the 15-year anniversary of federal active service date is within 10 days, a CMS case will be generated, attaching the DD Form 2839, to DFAS-IN/Bonus Branch for payment. i. Date of determination of active service completed (Block 5) must match the TAFMS date (TT line) reflected on the MMPA. If these dates do not match, a DA Form 1506 with required supporting

  • Essay about How to Tell That You Are in a Non-Date Kind of Date

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    You Are in a Non-Date Kind of Date In this modern world, it is somehow difficult to determine if you are on a romantic date or a non-date date. A lot of women have a hard time in defining if they are going out with a guy on a romantic way or if the date that they are having is just a purely platonic date. Sometimes, dates are actually a non-date, and if you are expecting to get swept off of your feet as the night ends, then you are in for a huge disappointment. A typical non-date situation is when

  • Literary Analysis Of Brenda Miller's 'The Date'

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    Strenuous, racing thoughts and anxiety are linked and chained together for people when it comes to dating. Brenda Miller’s short essay The Date, breathes life into what a person is thinking before they are going on a date. Brenda Miller has rapid thoughts ranging from her past to her present, while she is waiting on the arrival of her date. The author is persevering her apprehension through words and thoughts, so the reader can have a chance to experience some of her anxiety, “ A man I like is coming

  • The Death Of A Control Freak

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    other half is a control freak; they are in a long term, serious relationship. It would be much easier if we could all see the warning signs of our dates being control freaks before we commit our hear and long term happiness to them. Now you can tell the warning signs that your date is a control freak. Sign One When you realize that it is either your date 's way or the highway. All relationships need to have a certain amount of give and take. People in relationships know that they must compromise to

  • No Evidence Of Purple Glazed Pottery

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    The site was occupied throughout the modern and splenetic periods, based on Stratum 1’s TPQ date from a Pepsi can dated to 1969 AD, and the white glazed pottery characterized in the Modern period and the blue glazed pottery characterized in the Splenetic period strewn about strata 2, 3, 4 and 5. The site does not seem to have been occupied throughout the Late Frenetic period, because there is no evidence of purple glazed pottery throughout the relevant strata. However, the site was occupied by the

  • Stratum 14: A Site Analysis

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    again. However, the stratum is clearly a hole that cuts through strata 15, 16, 17, and 18. In the stratum, burnt animal bones, seeds, broken pottery, and broken groundstones are found, possibly indicating nomadic people travelling through. The C-14 dates on the seeds are 720 ± 30 BC and

  • What I Learned About Management

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    Concrete Experience I knew that management was something I was mentally programed for from a young age. May of 2000 was the summer going into my sophomore year of high school and I was venturing into my first tax-paying job at Sonic. I liked the structure it had, compared to the odd summer jobs I had been picking up in the past. From the ripe age of 16, I had already began the process of evaluating personnel, process’s for improvements, and trying to create a safer work environment for myself and

  • The Dropped Sales Of Cereal

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    The dropped sales of cereal. One of the main issues that I have noticed about my idea of making All-In-One product is the dropping sales of consumption of cereals. As the data shows the consumption of cereal has dropped about 5-7 percent these past couple of years (Trafecante, 2016). However, the reason is not the reducing number of people who eat breakfast, but the increasing number of variety of breakfast meal in the stores, which makes many people to switch to another type of breakfast

  • The Rotten Damage Of Food Waste

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    The Rotten Damage of Food Waste Growing up, children were most likely told to always finish all the food on their plates because somewhere else in the world, another child was starving. Most kids never really understand how serious the matter actually is and it is expected for adults to know better but here we are in 2016 where roughly one third of food produced is wasted every year. The problem with this is that about 21,000 people die per day from starvation, but where is that food they need to

  • No Problem Can Withstand The Assault Of Sustained Thinking

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    When faced with a problem, what does one do to solve it? As Voltaire stated, "No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking." Currently, I have been employed with my job for 11 years, but a promotion within my career has always be a goal set to be accomplished. Therefore, I have returned to college to earn a Bachelor’s degree to increase my chances for a promotion. As I finalized my degree program, a supervisor’s position in a competing company becomes available in another state. The