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  • Personal Narrative: A Trip To Terminal Park Elementary School

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    On Thursday 12/01/16 at 2236 hours I was dispatched to Terminal Park Elementary School located at 1101 D ST SE because four juveniles had knocked over a donation bin and were throwing rocks at the school (reference AP160088033). Dispatch advised it was possibly related to two other malicious mischief calls that had just previously occurred in the nearby area. I knew Officer D. Pedersen was at 107 16th ST SE located in the city of Auburn, King Co, WA, for a rock being thrown through a living room

  • Police Incident Report Example

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    On 12/09/2017 at 3:18 AM, Sheriff Deputy Colin Crosby and I were dispatched to 908 W Bennett Ct, in Conway Springs, Sumner County, Ks, for a domestic disturbance. Dispatch told us that the distrubance had been physical between a husband and wife, and the two parties were separated by the wife going outside to call 911. While still enroute to the call, dispatch told us that the female was the caller, and she was attempting to keep the male from leaving because he'd been drinking. Before our arrival

  • Platoon Case Study

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    Initial Issue: Platoons will be given a schedule by EODESU-1 OPS department. For CESE, this is the procedure: 1. Platoon receives schedule 2. Platoon will contact CM1 Leduc for information regarding their initial outfit from CESE. Further action will be taken from there depending on each individual circumstance. Dispatch of vehicles: Each vehicle issued by EODESU-1 CESE is issued with a DD1970 (Trip Ticket). At the bottom right portion of this form is an expiration

  • Analyzing Dispersion Methodology Secure Against The Assault Dispatched By Bargained Hubs Essay

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    Sankardas Roy , Proposed [1] The summary dispersion methodology secure against the assault dispatched by bargained hubs. Our assault strong calculation registers the genuine total by sifting through the commitments of traded off hubs in the collection chain of importance. Just depict the recognition of assault in the system. Jyoti Rajput , Proposed [2] A test to information total is the means by which to secure collected information from unveiling amid amassing procedure and in addition get exact

  • Courier Tracking And Actions And Decisions

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    only the original documents which are verified in the Generate order ID module, only those documents will be displayed under this Document Dispatch Module. AUTHORIZATION LETTER In the following image, the mentioned documents are dispatched from the TTK Office Bangalore branch. Based on the TTK Office solutions, the wizard will be displayed. Actions COURIER DETAILS Courier Tracking No- The respective tracking no for that particular document will be shown in this section.

  • Motivation In The Workplace Observation

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    On Tuesday 01/31/17 at 0122 hours I was dispatched to a physical domestic in the 29400 block of Green River RD SE in the City of Auburn, King Co, WA. Dispatched stated the reporting person, Joseph Dobbs, stated he was flagged down by a couple and the female told him she had been assaulted. Dispatched stated Dobbs said the female had left on foot northbound and the male was standing next to his truck, which was a silver pickup with a license plate of WA/B40162F. Dispatch advised they checked the

  • Overdose: A Case Study

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    was dispatched to 4246 Shadow Creek Circle, Oviedo, Seminole County, in reference to an overdose. Upon arrival I spoke with Thomas Portway (father), he stated that he returned home from work at 1900 hours and found his son non responsive on the couch. Thomas reported that he immediately called 911, and was directed by the 911 operator to give chest compressions. Thomas denied seeing any drug paraphernalia around his son. Thomas provided a written statement. Fire department was dispatched to the

  • Cramblett Case Summary

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    officer T. Cramblett CPD#1191 was dispatched to he area of Sharon Woods Blvd. and Brookhurst Ave on a narcotics complaint. Radio was advised by a known caller that a white Chevrolet Malibu, occupied by two white females, was parked on the street and were involved in the sales of narcotics. Officer Cramblett was responding to the area when he observed a white Chevrolet Malibu traveling south bound on Beechcroft Rd. Officer G.Meyer CPD# 2333 had also been dispatched on the run, and was traveling north

  • Case Study Of Quiz

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    Quiz Clothing Quiz is a vibrant fast fashion retail group that aims at offering catwalk style looks and all the newest trends at affordable rates. Its target group is the fashion conscious women’s wear market. It tries to be exhilarating and pioneering, providing its customers the fashions, footwear and accessories that they want, when they want. To keep in loop with the ever changing fashion trends within the market it has developed an active and very responsive organization. It knows the fact that

  • Hope Braker Incident Report

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    On 05/27/2016, at approximately 2318 hours, your affiant was dispatched to 315 South Ferguson Street for a disturbance. Your affiant spoke with Hope BAKER and Ernesto TAPIA who related that Leslie TAPIA was drinking alcohol throughout the day. Leslie TAPIA assaulted Ernesto TAPIA (her father) and Hope BAKER during an argument. Both Ernesto TAPIA and Hope BAKER sustained injuries caused from Leslie TAPIA scratching them. While on scene Leslie TAPIA continued to yell at Hope BAKER and Ernesto TAPIA