Dispositive motion

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  • Case Study: Breach Of Contract

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    Breach of contract action- Vanderbilt brought the action against Dinardo for breach of contract. The contract contained reciprocal liquadated damage provisions. Vand. agreed to pay Dinardo his remaining salary should Vand release him as football coach, Dinardo agreed to reimburse Vand should he leave before his contract expired. Dinardo signed an addendum for his 2 year contract extensions before resigning however. He stated that his lawyer need to look over the document before it became finalized

  • Walmart Vs Rochester

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    Charles will assign Ryan (a man) or Chloe (a woman) to a new advertising account for a national makeup line. Charlotte believes that they both are strong candidates, so she decides to present the two of them to the client for a final decision. The client says that because this work relates to makeup, he would prefer working with Chloe instead of Ryan because she is a woman. Issues 1. Could the client sue the company for sexual discrimination. 2. Does the employer have a good defiance on not prompting

  • Essay on Paramecium movement assignment BES108

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    on your results discuss the effects of environment on type of motion in Parameci The type of effect the dryl solution had on the motion of the paramecium was that they kept moving forward. They averaged an avoidance frequency of 1.6minutes, and they were moving at a pretty fast speed. The duration of the movement (forward) was 8.8 minutes out of the 10 minutes I was observing them. The type of effect the barium solution had on the motion of the paramecium was that they didn’t move forward as much

  • Velocity and Smart Timer

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    Nov. 05, 2013 PHY10L/A11 Experiment # 2 KINEMATICS Abstract - Kinematics of linear motion is defined as the studies of motion of objects without considering the effects that produce the motion. This experiment will show how to determine the linear motion with constant (uniform) velocity particularly the dynamic cart and linear motion with constant (uniform) acceleration, (e.g. free fall of motion). At the end of the experiment we found out that the velocity is a speed that involves direction

  • The Concept Of The Jumping Robot

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    ABSTRACT: Depending upon the type of terrain an¬¬d application, robot motion varies from simple translatory motion to complex motions like walking, jumping, climbing. Jumping is a preferred mode over others when it comes to crossing obstacles that are of a size larger than the robots own body. It is better to jump over a terrain with irregular surface, debris, ground cracks than climbing and crossing over them. A new mechanism for increasing the usefulness of ground robots in surveillance applications

  • The Purpose Of A Motion Brief

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    purpose of a motion brief is two-fold. A motion brief needs to be both educating and persuasive. Simply put, as an attorney, you are an advocate for your client. In short, you want to set out the applicable law and the facts of the case for the judge to take a particular action in your case in your motion brief to be effective in your motion. 2. Generally speaking, there are many legal sources to check before drafting and filing a motion brief. Accordingly, when drafting a motion brief the first

  • Case Analysis : Melfi V. Mount Sinai Hosp

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    Melfi v. Mount Sinai Hosp., 64 A.D.3d 26, 877 N.Y.S.2d 300 (2009) Facts: John Melfi is suing after his brother’s body was brought to a community college for embalming and then buried in a mass grave in Potter’s Field. On October 28, 2001, Leonard Mr. Melfi collapsed in his room at the Narragansett Hotel on the upper west side of Manhattan. EMS diagnosed Melfi with preliminary diagnosis of respiratory distress and transported him by ambulance to Mount Sinai Hospital. A patient registration form

  • Physics : The Back And Forth Motion

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    Introduction In this series of experiments, we examined the back and forth motion. We analyzed the motion of five objects which included a mass attached at the end of a spring, a swinging pendulum, a ball thrown up in the air, a jumping student, and a cart rolling up and down an incline. Using the motion detector and a computer we were able to come up with graphs of position VS time and Velocity VS time from which it was possible to tell where the velocity or the acceleration were maximum, and whether

  • Henry Martyn Robert's Rules Of Order

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    anything. General Robert was very frustrated and vowed to never again attend another meeting until he knew more about Parliamentary Law. He researched a small book on the subject, and found some rules for DELIBERATE ASSEMBLIES with four or five motions according to rank, two or three could not be debated, and some amended. He traveled around the country collecting Parliamentary information and saw different interpretations of Parliamentary Law in various organizations. **Robert “saw the need for

  • Why Use Bloom Taxonomy In Lesson Planning

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    Bloom Taxonomy in Lesson Planning Introduction Bloom Taxonomy is a useful planning tool for teachers. It contains of six cognitive domains, which are known from the year of 1956 as knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. However, the bloom taxonomy was later revised in 2001 to remember, understand, apply, analyze, evaluate, and create (Ugur, Constantinescu, & Stevens, 2015). Using Bloom Taxonomy in lesson planning will help teachers to develop lesson objectives