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  • Employee Dissatisfaction

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    Employee dissatisfaction leads to non hygienic and non favorable work environment (Mawoli & Winnubst, 2011). If an employee is dissatisfied to his job he/she is quitting, not engage in working activities rather than adapting behavior like problem solving related to their working activities and they are not fulfilling their job and work requirement because they are not satisfied and also it create bad impact on the productivity of the organization. Individual differences on small scale in an organization

  • Job Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction

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    JOB SATISFACTION AND DISSATISFACTION By Bambang Fahruddin, S.Pd Posted: May 29th, 2008 INTRODUCTION The discussion of job satisfaction and dissatisfaction is largely generated from the theories proposed by Maslow which is known with the so call “the needs theory” and Herzberg’s theory that is called “two-factor theory” or “hygiene theory”. Both job satisfaction and dissatisfaction are assumed critical for the organizations to manage since they absolutely affect the productivity as well as the

  • The Problem Of Job Dissatisfaction

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    Job dissatisfaction can occur at any time in our years as an employee. It is an issue that can be a detriment to the organization, as well as our own personal lives. We can become slothful in our work and job performance to frequent tardiness and absenteeism. There are numerous reasons why we might experience job dissatisfaction. Such issues as pay, limited opportunities, lack of interest, or poor management. The worst for me is having a manager who is the cause of your dissatisfaction, because

  • The Theme Of Dissatisfaction In The Great Gatsby

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    “The Great Gatsby” is a novel of dissatisfaction, as it is seen peppered throughout the actions of the characters. The state of discontent is essential to the development of the complex plot, as well as the various personalities of the novel. Generally, the lack of complacency enveloping each character, has resulted in senseless actions of coping, and attempts to fulfill the emptiness where their pride belongs. The novel portrays life in New York City in the early 1920s, conveying the glamorous

  • Customer Dissatisfaction Of Tim Hortons

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    should exceed expectations, also known as positive disconfirmation of expectations which leads to satisfaction. The situations that would lead to customer dissatisfaction are wrong coffee, price increase and long line-ups. These situations would be seen as below expectations, causing negative dis-confirmation of expectations and result in dissatisfaction. Customer

  • Pros And Cons Of Employee Dissatisfaction

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    After accompanied a research about employees’ job dissatisfaction in general companies and for Delta Company, I have recognized some proofs based on questionnaire and articles. There is a level of job satisfaction for each individual and each job performed. These problems happen when people are not happy with their jobs. This research will support or help the company to increase their employees’ satisfaction level of their job. As we found employees’ were dissatisfied in almost all areas, while a

  • Body Dissatisfaction And Eating Disorders

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    appearance (Cash, 2012). Body dissatisfaction involves the attitudinal portion of body image, which refers to the extent to which a person is displeased with his or her body (Cash, 2012). Body dissatisfaction contributes to the development of eating disorders because when people are dissatisfied with their appearance, they are more willing to engage in self-destructive behaviors in order to lose weight (Skemp-Arlt, 2006). The relationship between body dissatisfaction and eating disorders is important

  • The Pros And Cons Of Job Dissatisfaction

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    today's business world, managers face lots of challenges in doing their jobs. One of their challenges is mostly about dealing with people that include how to manage human resources to increase performance and job satisfaction in the workplace. Job dissatisfaction affects a company negatively and could lead to high turnover rate. It is not different in my workplace where managers are dealing with high turnover rate (the rate at which employees leave a business). I joined the company in August 2016 as receptionist

  • Employee Engagement : Job Dissatisfaction

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    EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT   Table of Contents INTRODUCTION 3 LACK OF EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT 3 Job dissatisfaction 4 Lack of communication 4 Work culture 4 Attitude, behavior and outcomes 5 EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT STRATEGIES 5 Connectivity between employer employees 6 Career opportunities 6 Focus on communication 6 Engage first line leaders 6 Create motivational culture 7 Motivation for the right employees 7 Communicate progress 7 Huge investments 7 FRAMEWORK AND PSYCHOLOGICAL MODEL 8 Openness to experience 8

  • Impermanence, Selflessness, And Dissatisfaction Essay

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    Impermanence, Selflessness, and Dissatisfaction Buddhism is neither a religion nor a philosophy, but rather a way of life. This does not imply that Buddhism is nothing more than an ethical code: it is a way of moral, spiritual and intellectual training leading to complete freedom of the mind. (DeSilva, 1991:p 5). Of the many Buddhist sects, Zen Buddhism places particular emphasis on living ‘the right' life, and does not revolve around rite and ritual. Buddhism outlines the three characteristics