Districts of Liberia

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  • Evolution Of Collaborative Management Of Forest Management

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    This article validates that collaborative approaches to managing forests and other natural resources are the best way forward. 2.6 The impacts of the Civil War on forest management in Liberia The fourteen years of civil war in Liberia results in a class of marginalized young people who currently lack trust in their government or any kind of institutions for that matter (Richards, Archibald, & Bruce et al., 2005). These young people, who make up more than half

  • Margibi County In Monrovia

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    Margibi County is the second-most densely populated county in Liberia. Located in the South Central region of Liberia, it borders Montserrado county, home of nation’s capital of Monrovia. Residents here experience extreme rates of poverty—most without access to essential assets, electricity, running water, or flushable toilets (LISGIS citation). Margibi County residents also experience substantial barriers to accessing healthcare. The Liberia Institute of Statistics and Geo-Information Services report

  • Africa Case Study

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    and Macenta districts, the focus of the epidemic in Guinea. During March 2014, a rise in the numbers of cases in these two districts, in addition to the first reports from Lofa and other districts in Liberia, was followed by the discovery of cases in the capital, Conakry. A second increase in case incidence in Guinea — first in Guéckédou and Macenta and then in the capital — occurred in May and June. During May, the focus of the epidemic in Guinea expanded to the neighboring districts of Kenema

  • The Environmental Policies Of Current Day Liberia

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    explores the environmental policies of current-day Liberia. Emphasis is placed on post-civil war rule of law, personal waste disposal and infrastructure. In order to relay a sense of environmental policies in Liberia, this paper touches on the economy of Liberia as well as the basic demographics. An attempt is also made to touch on the disparity between conservation and a third-world population concerned chiefly with survival. Title of Paper Liberia, commonly known for diseases such as Ebola and

  • Environmental Policies Of Liberi A Socioeconomic Investigation

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    Environmental Policies of Liberia: Perspectives from a Socioeconomic Investigation Liberia, commonly known for diseases such as Ebola and cholera and also known as home to such notorious figures as Joshua Milton Blahyi, a mass murderer and cannibal, is a nation recovering from two recent civil wars on the northwest shore of Africa. The total landmass, consisting of 111,369 square kilometers; is roughly the size of the state of Virginia. In addition to having a long stretch of coastline along the

  • Liberi A Cultural Overview

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    Liberia: A Cultural Overview Liberia 's political system and history has been strongly based and influenced on American and English common law. This is due in part to Liberia 's initial colonization of freed American slaves starting around 1820. Initially 86 immigrants, also known as “Americo-Liberians” settled in the now named Monrovia, named after President James Monroe. In the following years thousands more freed slaves and free African-Americans resettled by a campaign created by the American

  • Security Sector Reforms

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    paper, I will give a brief history of the nature of the conflict, describe normative SSR, SSR in Africa, the former Armed Forces Liberia, Private Military Contractors, the US Military’s Operation Onward Liberty, the new Armed Forces Liberia, discuss SSR challenges in meeting Post Conflict Reconstruction (PCR) goals, and the way ahead. NATURE OF THE CONFLICT The Liberia Civil War, lasting 14 years from 1989-2003, was a result of ethnic tensions that created inequalities on political, economic, and

  • The Current Outbreak Of Ebolavirus

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    the 8th of August 2014 the World Health Organisation declared the current outbreak of Ebolavirus to be an international health emergency. This epidemic is the largest ever seen of the disease, and is located in West Africa - particularly in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. At present it has led to over 5,000 deaths, with more than 14,000 people having been infected. Ebola virus disease (EVD) has been portrayed by some as a major threat to health outside of West Africa, though this is disputed. There

  • Government Of Health Systems : Liberia And Sierra Leone

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    I. Background In recent years, Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone have launched major healthcare initiatives in order to expand and improve access to services. However, the state of health systems for the last 20 years is difficult to overcome. Liberia and Sierra Leone were each embroiled in civil wars until the mid-2000s. Porous borders and a shared diamond belt meant that their conflicts were often shared, as political strife, violence, looting, armed forces, and refugees moved to neighboring countries

  • Blood Diamond Research

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    It was the marketing campaign of the De Beers Group that have made diamonds as popular as they are now. Conflict Diamonds Conflict diamonds are mined in Sierra Leone, Cote d 'Ivoire, Angola, Congo and Liberia, where unstable governments and various rebel groups are in constant conflict. Rebels and other armed insurgents mine diamonds and sell them to finance the purchase of weapons and ammunition. Common people such as farmers, including children, are