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  • The Game of Dodgeball Should be Banned from Schools Essay example

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    individuals. Dodge ball has its pros and cons, but what do you think? While some critics covet it, others do not, like myself, who deems that this hazardous game is not a pertinent exercise for juvenile students. From the article, “Position on Dodgeball in Physical Education”, “NASPE believes that dodge ball is not an appropriate activity for K-12 school physical education programs.” While tag and other physical education activities may include gentle use, dodge ball has a heterogeneous amount of

  • Essay On Dodgeball

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    Dodgeball is one of the fastest growing sports in North America. Over the number of years, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with new and veteran dodgeball fanatics! The best teams are not necessarily the ones who throw the hardest or are the most athletic but they are the ones with the best dodgeball skills. The following few points are some important strategies to perfect your dodgeball! And yes, there really is more than just dodge, dip, dive, duck and dodge! 1

  • Persuasive Essay On Physical Education

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    Gym class was my favorite part of the day in elementary school; I could run around and climb a rope all the way till I touched the ceiling. I have never had a bad memory in gym, though so many think it’s pointless and haven’t had the same experiences. Health is not just the schools responsibility but the communities as well; many people say they don’t want to climb a rope and see if they can touch the ceiling. They feel embarrassed that they won’t be able to climb it at all; physical education helps

  • Reflection Paper On Gym

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    head hangs low enough I can see my reflection on the floor mocking my shyness.  Now I’m truly noticing the assembly of other students, each one looks as nervous as the next. This class is not the classic gym class. No running miles or the panic of dodgeball, just a class to integrate students that have special needs with their peers. In time, we are handed a packet that just came off the printer. Its warmth contrasting to the overall temperature of the room. A lecture starts on confidentiality

  • Humanistic and Social Development

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    There are many types of Physical Education, but the one I am going to talk about today is Humanistic and Social Development, and how it relates to Physical Education. First off, the primary objective of early physical education programs was a person’s physical health. Humanistic and social development emphasizes self-awareness and choice as a basis for personal growth. With a humanistic approach, there is a connection between physical education and a person’s social and emotion well-being. There

  • The Diversity Of Physical Education

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    Every single human being that exists is different. We are inherently unique and distinguishable between every other person in the world. We are a diverse and unique population and we vary from one another in regards to race, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic background and so much more. This means that as a professional, we will have to work with people from all different backgrounds and experiences. The key to overcoming this obstacle is to recognize that every individual is distinctive and understand

  • The Importance Of Competence In Physical Education

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    Introduction As students advance through primary and secondary physical education, perceive competence will influence their intrinsic motivation towards engagement. In a traditional sports unit, students that have low capability will struggle. Furthermore, students that are low skilled alienate themselves from their peers. One of SHAPES essential standards is that “students need to understand the concepts of fitness and health that will lead to a lifelong appreciation of healthful behavior.” How

  • The Dodgeball: A Short Story

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    excitedly while twitching his eye. He does that sometimes when he’s extremely happy or mad. Many kids sprint out of the doorway when we try to get in. It was like trying to swim up a waterfall. “This’ll be fun,” I say as we finally get to the dodgeball arena. The dodgeball arena was a field of square trampoliens separated in

  • Persuasive Essay On Dodgeball

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    Dodgeball is definitely a game worth playing no matter what the situation. There are three reasons that I will cover and those are dodgeball is fun to play, dodgeball can let out our physical potential, and dodgeball teaches life skills. These reasons were chosen because of their facts. First, dodgeball is fun to play. Not only are you trying to eliminate the other players and reach your victory, but your friends are around you to help. You can have a friendly competition with your opponents or

  • Dodgeball And Gender Stereotypes

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    I think if you had to choose between a girl and a boy to be on your team for dodgeball , you’d choose a boy . It’s in everyone's right mind and mine that boys are more violent than girls . In a lot of studies boys are typically the ones to be more physically aggressive . They are more likely to get into fist fights and threaten others violently . Rather than girls that would typically get into more social and emotional aggressiveness. For example like spreading rumors and having arguments . Boys