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  • The Effectiveness Of Vertigo In Hitchcock's 'Citizen Kane'

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    In 2012, Vertigo replaced “Citizen Kane” as best movie ever made in the Sight and Sound poll. Film producer Marco Müller describes the genius of Vertigo by saying “Paranoia and obsession have never looked better”. The technical aspects mirror the narrative, and the experience of the audience mirrors the experience of the main character. Scotty Ferguson faces a fear of heights, which causes him to have vertigo. Hitchcock weaves this theme of disorientation through the movie by supporting it with

  • Analysis Of The Film Bourne Ultimatum

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    In the film Bourne Ultimatum, the above link is a “chase” sequence. Personally, I felt this film wasn’t terrible, but there were bad sequences, especially the sequence I analyzed. This whole movie had shaky hand held shots, specifically in the sequence I analyzed. I understand war movies, and action movies are “allowed” to use shaky hand held shots, but it was shaky the entire sequence, and it wasn’t necessary for certain shots. Along with that, there were a few composition shots but everything

  • Cannibal Holocaust: One of the Greatest Cinematography Accomplishments

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    Ruggero Deodato’s 1980 Cannibal Holocaust is arguably the most controversial film to date. The film’s plot consists of two distinct stories that are continually presented differently than their actual timeline; however, directly influence each other. The movie follows the demise of four ruthless documentary filmmakers: Alan Yates, Faye Daniels, Jack Anders and Mark Tomaso, as they adventure into the Amazon Rainforest in order to capture footage of primitive cannibal tribes. As the audience finds

  • The Hero 's Journey Theory

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    So what makes a hero? What must a person have to be considered a hero? Is it his or her strength, powers, courage, morals, integrity, or knowledge? According to Joseph Campbell, a hero properly is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than himself or other than himself. So with the help of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey theory, evidence will be given to prove why the Flash is a hero, and not a cold hearted villain like Captain Cold. To start off we’ll begin with Campbell’s

  • Review Of Christopher Nolan 's ' The Dark Knight '

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    of these views influences the audience. The setting within this sequence takes place downtown Gotham city in a building, from ziplining, on the street, to the van, outside of the building, and last inside of the bank. The scene starts, the camera zooms up onto a building. The window is then broken and the camera switches showing a masked man shooting a zip line across from the building to another building. The clowned mask is being used to hide their faces which is iconic and is an example you would

  • Pros And Disadvantages Of Onenote For Mac 2016 Training Guide

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    OneNote for Mac 2016 Training Guide Remembering and recording important information or just something you saw can be quite difficult, especially in a world where everything is going so fast. How about jotting down an idea or a sudden inspiration? Imagine having all this in one place, while on the go. You probably would have known about OneNote for Mac since last year and a recent update has been released, OneNote for Mac 2016. This guide will provide all the details, guidelines, features and so forth

  • The 50 Mph M The Story Of Ted Jensen

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    THE 50 MPH MAN: The Story of Ted Jensen ~ The story of the most EXTRAORDINARY man to ever live starts at the most ORDINARY place: the bus stop. 25-year-old Ted Jensen sat on a rusty bench in the pouring rain, waiting for his bus to come. He was about to go to a job-interview in the city, but his luck would change soon enough. The dirty old bus came into view, seeming to drive much faster than the speed limit. Ted noticed that something was wrong, but before he could think of what it was, the bus

  • Psychological Theory Of The Movie ' The Flash '

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    Should a superhero show have a perfect example of psychological theory to be successful? Some television viewer would not care, since it is a fictional story, but I believe so. For a superhero show to connect with people, not only does it need to have a great action and fight scene, but the show need to be realistic, at least in a psychological level way. One show in mind that does a great job in executing this is, the DC comic book hero character “The Flash”. The Flash experience different psychological

  • Theme Of The Signalman And The Signalman

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    he mention that this being was “nameless”, but he even took it a step further to yet again strain that they are a “horror”, possibly signifying that they are a living nightmare that continues to haunt the Signalman. This can clearly be seen when we zoom into the word “nameless” as we can classify this being anonymous as we are uncertain to who this “horror” really is. Alternatively, Dahl selects to make use of what’s familiar to us. Unlike

  • American Beauty Term Paper

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    the message of the movie’s tagline, which tells viewers to “look closer.” Though zoom-out shots occasionally appear – most notably in the closing helicopter shot – they are far outnumbered by zooms that bring the audience closer to the subject. This preponderance not only contributes to the film’s theme but also emphasizes zoom-outs, particularly in the final shot of the film. Ricky makes abundant use of the zoom feature on his camera, and because his subject is often Jane, close ups on her are