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  • Biography of Dolph Briscoe, Governor of Texas From 1973 to 1979

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    of the governors of Texas. Dolph Briscoe was the governor of Texas from 1973 to 1979. Not only was he a governor, he was also one of the largest individual land owners in Texas history. This in a state known for huge ranches. His philanthropy has provided support to a wide range of educational, medical, scientific, and cultural institutions. In this paper I hope to provide a little insight in to how much this man has impacted the evolution of Texas. Dolph Briscoe Jr. was born in Uvalde, Texas

  • Dolph Briscoe Jr: Texas Governor 1973-1979 Essay

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    Dolph Briscoe Jr. , Texas Governor from 1973 until 1979, lifetime resident of Uvalde, Texas. The Briscoe family settled in Fort Bend County in 1832, Dolph’s Grandfather Andrew Briscoe signed the Texas Declaration of Independence as well as leading a company of soldiers in the Battle of San Jacinto. He then became the first elected judge of Harris County, Sam Houston appointed him this position. Dolph’s father, Dolph Briscoe Sr., was appointed chairman of the Texas Racing commission from 1930 until

  • Changing Nature of Television Crime Drama Essay

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    "There are too many cop shows and they are becoming all the same. The same stories, the same lighting, the same camerawork, same dead bodies." - Peter Ansorge, 1997. Given the diversity of concepts and setting of crime dramas currently being produced this comment may or may not seem as convincing as it may have been when authored. Take one crime drama series and investigate the respects in which it both: 1) reworks established crime drama formula and conventions; and 2) offers novelty

  • Analysis Of Sophocles ' Antigone, Creon, The King Of Thebes

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    Stalonacles “Your temper terrifies them” (Sophocles 222). In Sophocles’ tragedy “Antigone”, Creon, the obstinate king of Thebes, embodies the stereotypical monarch. Ancient Athens, where Sophocles called home, used plays to educate their audience and persuade them to think a certain way; thus, Sophocles wrote of the struggle between Creon, and his son, Haimon, from the perspective of a member if a democratic government. Sophocles sought to influence his audiences political beliefs by creating

  • The Hot Hand Theory Of Basketball Is A Fallacy Essay

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    Evidence presented throughout the last forty years has suggested that the Hot Hand theory in basketball is a “fallacy.” Evidence suggested that there is no scientific reasoning for being able to improve one’s odds of making a jump shot, if the previous three shots were made. New evidence presented by, Andrew Bocskocsky, John Ezekowitz, and Carolyn Stein, suggested that there is a better chance of making a shot if the previous three shots have been made. The authors have used equations that take

  • Equality Essay

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    A young man lives in a place where the word "I" does not have meaning. It is a society where there are no individuals. It is, however, a place where you strive to serve your brothers. Equality 7-2521 was taught from birth that the individual is not important. He is in a crazed society where the only form of government is collectivism. Equality, at age 21, has absolutely no freedom. He is a a strong, tall young man who stands about six feet. However, in this society, anyone who is six

  • Brian Mccall

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    governor, which is a clever way of the transition. Although he spent 45% of the time talking about the campaign, a fair number for me, sometimes he spent 60% of the time explaining how some governors won the election, for example, John Connally, Dolph Briscoe, and William Clements in his first term. It really helps me to get to know those governors better than just reading their achievements, and I think that 60% is a large number for the campaign only. His idea of using the campaign as the transition

  • Search For Primary Sources Of The United States And China

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    I. Search for Primary Sources On June 1st, on my way to Eisenhower Library at Abilene, KS by taking the I-70 highway, I stopped at Independence, MO, where the Truman Library is located. Although this visit was not listed in my research plan, I spent half a day in its reading room and went over six folders kept in two boxes: Harry S. Truman Presidential Library, White House Official Files OF-471B, Box 1499 and 1500. The folders are primarily about the issues regarding the prisoners of war in the Korean

  • The Constitution Of The State Of Texas

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    The Constitution of the State of Texas is the document representing the structure and function of the Texas government. The current Constitution took effect on February 15, 1876 and is the sixth Constitution in the history of Texas. When first constructed, the Texas Constitution was a poorly organized document that did not explain clearly the responsibility for government actions. Since its conception (through June 2011), there have been 646 proposed amendments and 476 adopted amendments added to

  • Constitutions Are More Than Fancy Looking Words On An Old Sheet Of Paper

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    Constitutions are more than fancy-looking words on an old sheet of paper; they are the foundation of all successful nations. The job of a constitution is to legitimize, organize, provide power to, and limit the power of government (Newell et al. 40-42). The United States itself and all of its states have constitutions, including Texas, that aim to meet those needs. The Texas Constitution, written in 1876, is the second longest state constitution in the nation (Texas GOVT 2306- Week 3 Texas Constitution)