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    Choosing a colony is harder than it looks! Both colonies are a good choice, but only one can be chosen. Of course you want to join the colony that has the most advantages which will benefit you in the long run, so I will be comparing and contrasting both colonies to list the benefits you want. Bradford's colony won’t abandon you and will embrace you as a family member. While on the other hand, if you are on Captain John Smith's Crew you will get to travel the sea and claim new territory, but if you

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    Frank Herbert's Dune

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    Frank Herbert´s Dune is a geek culture icon and one of the best selling science fiction novels of all time. Unfortunately, the book's potential for a spectacular feature that could even lead to a new franchise has been squandered so far. But with a new adaptation in the works, things might be about to change for the Dune universe… Empire has now gotten word that director Alan Taylor has been offered the project, which is likely being kickstarted by rights holder and producer Richard Rubinstein.

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