Door Wide Open

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  • The Storm Essay

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    over the wall again and said, “Other than the dog, I don't see anything moving at all.” Margo sat back down and reached into one of the supply bags. She pulled out the radio, and raised the antenna. She was about to crawl over to the wire by the door when Dwayne said, “Only for a minute. Those batteries won't last forever.” Margo turned to him as she reached back into the supply bag. She smiled and said, “While you were grabbing

  • My Lost Cat Short Story

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    gone and we had everything packed. I was happy that that time was over. All I needed to to now was go inside and grab the pets so we can get going. Suddenly, as I turned to go inside and grab the animals I saw that the movers left the front door wide open. Fear suddenly rose up inside me like a rocket going into the air. I was worried. What If one got out?. The thought of that made me sprint and fast as I

  • Personal Narrative-The First World War

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    The sounds above me wouldn’t scare a foreigner. But here, it was a little different. Usually, the only sounds we could hear would be the occasional downpours of rain. This wasn’t rain. It was more like… footsteps. But it couldn’t be. Nobody was able to walk on The Surface anymore. At least, not humans. Every child hears rumors that mice, birds, lizards, even cats could survive there. The sounds echoing above me could not come from a cat. At the time, I was in the library. The librarian

  • My Experience At Milpitas High School

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    It wouldn’t open. She frowned and tried again. To my horror, the door refused to budge. Confused, my teacher gave the door several more yanks. When the door remained stubborn, she called security on the radio. As everyone continued to wait, she continued to yank on the door. At this point, so many things were shooting through my mind. Part of me thought, “Oh, well this is great. What I am supposed

  • The Day Of His Accident

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    into a wall. His gauze pads stick up doused in blood. He backs up into a door which is halfway open. As Morris moves forward his hand spasms and he moves backwards BURSTING through the door. Morris is on the platform between two flights of stairs. He gawks at an open door that leads outside. EXT. PRIVATE HOSPITAL GARDEN - DAY The sun shines brightly on his face. Morris closes his eyes, hearing the birds chirp. He opens them up, gazing at the tree branches moving with the breeze. Morris smiles

  • Fredbear's Family Diner

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    did they know, that grand opening wouldn’t be so grand to some. -------------------------------------------------ONE WEEK LATER------------------------------------------------- “Hello everyone, and welcome to Fredbear’s Family Diner! Through these doors is not only food like you’ve never tasted, but technology like you’ve never seen! Inside, our very own, custom-made, life-sized robot is

  • Creative Writing: Mrs. Burnage Essay

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    Until today, I remembered my visits to Mrs. Burnage's house fondly. The neighborhood I lived in was small, with only ten houses on the whole street. Each house was placed far apart with everyone having at least three acres of property. Our house was at one end of the road, and Mrs. Burnage's was at the other. Mrs. Burnage was a sweet lady, probably in her late 50s when my three sisters, Jason Adams (another younger kid in the neighborhood), and I would go visit her. I visited her from ages eight

  • Creative Writing : A Short Story

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    When their parents entered their room, Charlie watched as Maggie walked to the window and kept her back to them. They could all tell she was upset about something. Looking at Elliot, she pushed herself up further in the bed, as Callum grabbed Ian and took a seat on the chair next to her. Ben clasped his hands in front of him as he took a deep breath. “I've been asked to stay here in order to help Rachel on her work supplying the Republic with power. I plan on asking Miles to let all of you and

  • Benjamin Dialectical Journal

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    worn, black door stood ajar, making room for the blazing warmth to intrude. The body in the middle of the stairs was sprawled like a struck animal. Its arms were strewn out, reaching in vain for the brilliantly

  • Gundams: A Short Story

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    The five Keronians who made up the members of the A.R.M.P.I.T. platoon were seated around the table inside their base as they discussed invasion plans. Or to be more accurate, they were seated at the table in Keroro’s room as he came up with stupid ideas on how to get more Gundams, embarrass Natsumi, get even more Gundams, and create juvenile chaos in general. (Did I mention getting more Gundams?) Giroro growled with annoyance at his leader. They were never going to get anything done! Why the