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  • Panera Bread Case Study

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    reduce wait times in line, and home delivery options. Threats Finally Panera faces some external threats to their company. First, rising gas prices threaten to increase their costs due to the high level of daily transportation needed for their fresh dough deliveries. Next, a bad/uncertain economy threats Panera. Consumers may find themselves seeing more value in cheaper fast-food options. Another threat is the extremely high level of competition in the restaurant

  • Panera Bread Company Essay

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    included a focus on artisan bread, quality products and a warm, and friendly, and comfortable environment” (Vincelette & Fogarty, 2010, p4.). Strategy Panera has three business segments: Company-owned bakery-café, franchise operations and fresh dough operations. The company’s growth strategy was “to grow their store profits, to increase transactions and gross profits per transaction, use capital wisely and put into place drivers for concept differentiations and competitive advantage” (Vincelette

  • Panera Bread

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    Stores receive fresh dough daily and use real avocados, not the paste typically found in kitchens. Market Niche: Consumer tastes and desires evolve over time. Consumers are now wanting a more inviting in-store experience over speed and convenience. Panera put itself in

  • Essay On Parathas

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    boost people's energy levels (no wonder some reckon that the word 'Paratha' was a combination of the words 'parat8' and 'atta', literally making it layers of cooked dough). The Paratha can do with a few stuffings, that have to be carefully mashed and filled between the layers help the Paratha preserve its hard looking shape. The dough of the Paratha is capped off by adding a pinch of salt to the fatty mixture for taste, and further kneading will do the

  • Krishna Pauroti Essay

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    For anybody living in Kathmandu in the 50s, Krishna Pauroti was synonymous with "pauroti" (bread). Set up in 1949, when the now pervasive white bread was an oddity, the pastry kitchen is an establishment, with three eras of Rajkarnikars keeping its legacy well and alive, even today. Established by Krishna Bahadur Rajkarnikar, the pastry kitchen acquainted Nepalis with bread when there was none, and its story runs parallely with the historical backdrop of majority rules system in the nation.

  • Making Yeast Doughs

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    making yeast doughs – flour, water, yeast and salt. Lean doughs contain these four, with or without addition of little sugar or fat. So how come there are so many kinds of different breads: crunchy baguette, chewy bagel, soft rolls…? Proper manipulation of these same ingredients can result with large variety of breads. If you add some more fat, sugar and eggs to this mixture, you will make enriched yeast dough. Making Yeast Doughs There are nine basic steps in making yeast dough: 1. Scaling

  • Laminated Dough Pastry Recipes

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    Pastries made of laminated dough are numerous; croissants and millefeuille in France, crescent roll in US, crispy sfogliatelle and millefoglie in Italy… Laminated dough is made of alternating layers of dough and fat. It is made bay wrapping the dough around the fat, shortening or butter. The enclosed fat is then rolled out and folded and the process is repeated. Folding the dough is also called "turn". This process results with large number of thin and delicate layers of dough and fat. When baked, it

  • Cookie Dough Dip

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    Cookie dough dip is a fast, easy and fun way to make a simple dessert for last-minute get- togethers with family. It doesn’t have to be chilled nor do you have to bake it. You can serve it with graham crackers or even pretzels. It must be served at room temperature. In three simple steps, I will show you how to make a delicious dessert. To make this treat you will need, a small bowl and hand mixer or standing mixer, one cup of unsalted butter at room temperature, sixteen ounces of cream

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Frozen Dough

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    no substitute for fresh baked product. However the current trend in the baking industry is to use frozen dough to manufacture quality product because it can be quickly transformed into fresh baked product. Main advantages of freezing of dough are reduction of losses caused by aging of products and harmonization of product with the market demands (Dodic et al, 2007). However use of frozen dough has certain disadvantages such as its variable performance and loss of stability over long term frozen storage

  • Make Way For Duckling Analysis

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    I took a 360 trying to see the entirety of Boston from my position in front of a massive statue of our nation’s first president. The skyline of Boston’s financial district sat behind George Washington’s statue in the Boston Public Garden. This park is the oldest botanical garden in the USA, and it looked it, but not tarnished. Behind the park, the skyscrapers didn’t reflect the light like yesterday because the sun hid behind the numerous gloomy clouds. The buildings seemed taller and newer than the