Douglas DC-8

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  • Braniff International Airways : A Brief History

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    Brownsville and Houston Texas. They also moved to expand their fleet by adding 7 DC-2 aircraft to their inventory. With the new and improved aircraft also came another first for Braniff. In 1937 the company chose their first flight attendants or “Hostesses” as they were then called. Braniff continued to expand through mergers and route expansions to include South America and Mexico by 1947. They added now iconic planes such as the DC-3 and

  • Delta Airlines: Past, Present, and Future Essay

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    Delta Airlines: Past Present and Future Delta Airlines have transformed over the decades. They started out as a crop dusting company, blossomed into an airline company, fought litigations, went bankrupt, then resurrected it and merged with Northwest Airlines to become one of the biggest airline companies in the world. Their aircraft, operations, and cities and countries that they service have transformed and blossomed as well. In 1924, Huff Daland Dusters, Incorporated as a crop dusting company

  • A Report On The Air Service

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    On Dec. 17, 1903, brothers Orville and Wilbur Wright spent over four years of constant research and design efforts beginning with a 120 foot, 12-second flight in Kitty Hawk, N.C. This was the very first flight in a heavier than air machine. Up till then people had only ever flown in balloons and gliders. Leon Delagrange was the first passenger to fly in a plane, he flew with French pilot Henri Farman from a meadow outside of Paris in 1908. Later that year Charles Furnas was the first American passenger

  • Logistics in Aviation Industry

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    Abstract/Introduction : Logistics is the one important function in business today. No marketing, manufacturing or project execution can succeed without logistics support. 'Logistics ' is the management of the flow of resources, not only goods, between the point of origin and the point of destination in order to meet the requirements of customers or corporations. Logistics is one of the main functions within a company. The main targets of logistics can be divided into performance related and

  • Diagnosing The Change : Managing Organizational Change Essay

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    Part 3: Diagnosing the Change Managing Organizational Change The Burke-Litwin Model highlights the main elements or source of major transformational change and also the changes that are incremental in nature. The four transformational factors are external environment, mission and strategy, leadership, and organizational culture. The main cause that makes a company to make changes is the external environment. It can force any organization to make changes to its mission, culture, leadership

  • American Airlines Case Study

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    As we look at American Airline’s current financial conditions, it would be helpful to understand the framework that has affected American Airlines and the Industry at large. The airline industry has experienced immense turmoil in recent years plagued by poor financial performance that has led to bankruptcies, mergers, and union disputes. It has been said that deregulation has contributed to the volatility of the industry, both from a positive and negative perspective. Therefore, deregulation has

  • Persuasive Techniques Used In The American Airline Industry

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    Airlines provide air transportation facilities for everyone, being one of the most common passenger transportation around the world. Although the airline industry is a very competitive market it is very beneficial for everyone. Everyone has experienced distance at least once in their lives, however, the invention of the air craft is one of the many inventions that has changed how people live; making life easier for those that must travel long distances across the country or abroad for either business

  • Swot Analysis Of American Airlines

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    Strengths After settling an anti-trust lawsuit with the Department of Justice, American Airlines and US Airways completed a merger in December 2013 . This merger provided much needed cash infusion into American Airlines, enabling it to emergency from bankruptcy protection bigger and better than ever. It also solidified American Airlines as the largest airline in the world. This merger has become to cornerstone of American Airlines affecting all areas of the organization both internal and external

  • United Airlines Case Study

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    In April 2017, United Airlines experienced its most controversial Public relations crisis ever experience that shocked the nation. The incident occurred on United Airlines Flight 3411, when a passenger was assaulted and forcefully taken off a plane for a seat he paid form. The occurrence was captured on video and watched from all over the world. The way United Airlines and CEO handled the dispute was criticized all over the world. Many people questioned the ethics, moral and the timely manner in

  • Political-Legal Environment: Delta Airlines

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    Political-Legal Environment: Delta Airlines Delta Air lines is not immune to the political and legal structures that exist both domestically and globally. There are many factors that affect the political and legal structures for Delta in their domestic environment of the United States and also in the global environment of Europe. Teresa Cederholm in her article on states “The airline industry is widely impacted by regulations and restrictions related to international trade, tax