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  • Essay The Doukhobors, Sons of Freedom and the Canadian Government

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    The “Sons of Freedom” are a small radical group that diverged from a religious sect known as the Doukhobors.  This zealous and revivalist subsect evolved from the Doukhobors only to gain the government’s attention for their extremely radical acts.  They have initiated bombings, arson, nudist parades, and hunger strikes, all in protest to the land ownership and registration laws of Canada.  Such obscene and violent demonstrations have caused a great deal of conflict between the Sons of Freedom and

  • West Kootenay Road Trip Report

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    The grade 10 West Kootenay Road Trip’s first stop was the Doukhobor Discovery Centre in Castlegar BC. The centre is a reconstruction of a typical doukhobor village that shows all the buildings, tools and handicrafts used in daily life. At the discovery centre we learned about the Doukhobors and how they came to Canada from Russia, Who led them to Canada, the history and so much more. The students were also able to see a demonstration from the selkirk weavers on how cloth, clothing and tapestry was

  • B C Culture Essay

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    Culture: B.C is very diverse, with cultures including Chinese, who immigrated to Canada to help build the Canadian Pacific Railway, Doukhobors, Russians who were banned from Russia because they refused to fight and immigrated here, and First Nations. Some of the sports played there include Fishing, Climbing, Biking, Hockey, and skiing. Landscape: B.C.’s landscapes include rocky coastlines, sandy beaches, forests, lakes, mountains, inland deserts and grassy plains. Most of B.C. is rough and unexplored

  • Persuasive Essay About Refugees

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    need help, not singular people that are just looking for a place to live. Should refugees be allowed to come into a country that is peaceful and safe? In the late 19 century, early 20th century Refugees from Russia, especially Jews, Mennonites and Doukhobors, settled in Canada. The world had different opinions on this matter, but most of the world took it as an advantage. The world took it as an advantage because the refugees can help and boost the economy for the better. (Tess Fuller 1) The refugees

  • The Cultural Differences In The Canadian Society During The 1920s

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    There were three main groups that suffered and struggled through many obstacles and a lot of people setting them back; women, First Nations people, and immigrants and minorities. This prejudice caused a significant negative impact on the Canadian society during the 1920s. In the roaring twenties, many people believed that only white men should be treated with any respect because that was the status quo at the time. The status of women was improving as some women got the right to vote, a woman was