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  • The Ocean Ranger Oil Disaster Essay

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    drilling platform of the day. Built in 1976 by Japan's Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, it operated off the coasts of Alaska, New Jersey, Ireland, and in November 1980 moved to the Grand Banks. Since it was so big it was considered to have the ability to drill in areas too dangerous for other rigs. The government thought it was unsinkable, so they felt that there was no need to train a crew very well. The disaster

  • Plot The Estimated Actual Fracture Gradient Curve

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    • Plot the estimated actual fracture gradient curve and the designed fracture gradient curve, which is the estimated actual fracture gradient, less allowance for well control, surge, or ECD. • Plot offset mud weight and LOT (or Formation Integrity Test) data to provide a check of the pore pressure predictions. • Start from the bottom on the mud weight curve (Point A); draw vertical line up to the designed fracture gradient curve (Point B). Point B is the initial estimated intermediate casing setting

  • Underground Hard Rock Mining, Drill And Explosion

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    1.0 Introduction In underground hard rock mining, drill and blast continues to be the dominant method of fragmenting rock. Blast hole deviation is an inevitable yet undesirable outcome of small diameter, long hole drilling. The objective of drill and blast is to unlock a targeted volume of rock for removal and further downstream processing. However, if poor drill hole accuracy is observed, outcomes may be significantly different to that which are planned and expected, resulting in additional cost

  • Reflection Paper On Mechanical Engineering

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    I believe research is an extremely dynamic process. As time passes, certain areas of research are becoming more salient, while others require less attention. My areas of research are in mechanical systems and solid mechanics. My general research question is how the modeling and designing of components and systems can support engineers toward a sustainable design of products or systems in energy and transportation applications. My primary research focuses on designing mechanical systems/components

  • Circuit Board Fabricators

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    CBF has hired you to help determine why they are not able to produce the 1,000 boards per day. 1. What type of process flow structure is CBF using? The company is using a batch shop process flow structure. CBF, Inc. bases its board fabrication process on the average job size or on its typical order. This means that the company proceeds with the manufacturing process in batches so as to meet the specific requirements per order. The typical contract that the company currently gets is 60 boards

  • Schonberger Case Essay

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    based on 15 direct labor employees. (See question 2) Problems The following information was identified during a meeting to "brainstorm what can and maybe can't be done to reduce WIP and flow time". · The drill press requires no setup time; it is a dedicated tool. · The drill press is fine but tapping head with spindles in the tapes were problems. This impacts manufacturing by an estimated 5 hours a month. · Assembly "sometimes" had to wait for bases. This impacted manufacturing by an

  • Risk Assessment and Risk Management

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    Accidents with tools The engineers have to use tools to carry out maintenance work, tools include small pocket knives, screwdrivers, drills, ratchet sets etc. There is the need of tools to do maintenance so the likelihood of incidents and accidents is very likely (Frequency: 4), severity is not as bad as there are a lack of dangerous saws and other dangerous tools etc. Cuts from electrical/

  • Oil Drilling Regulations : British Petroleum

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    Oil Drilling Regulations British Petroleum(BP) had a massive oil spill on April 20, 2010. In the BP Oil Spill, more than 200 million gallons of oil was spilled into the Gulf of Mexico for a total of eightyseven days, making it the biggest oil spill in United States history. The initial oil rig explosion killed eleven people and injured seventeen others(“11 Facts”). The spill killed hundreds of animal, plant life and destroyed the environment. BP was penalized up to $40 billion in fines. Stricter

  • Critical Thrust Force Analysis Of Machining Of Gfrp With Coconut Fillers Using Jodrill

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    Critical thrust force Analysis in Machining of GFRP with Coconut fillers using Jodrill Abstract: Ever increasing pressure on industry to reduce costs and ecological need of the hour forms the basis of the present research endeavor. Coconut coir is abundantly available in India as a bio-waste. Naturally available coconut fibers in their original form have been used as fillers in glass fiber reinforced epoxy composites. Thrust force being an important parameter in drilling induced damage has been

  • State Of Statement Of Purpose For Mechanical Engineering

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    Statement of Purpose Mechanical Engineering has not only given us inventions such as the car that have improved our lives but also captured the imagination of the world through space travel and the Apollo missions. To achieve breakthrough in technology, we will always need great mentors, state-of-art infrastructure and real motivation and Lawrence Tech is one of them. My four year academic curriculum in Mechanical Engineering at Nagpur University has offered me the perfect blend of theoretical