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  • Drug Cartel : Drug Cartels

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    Drug Cartel in Mexico Drug cartels have been an issue for Mexico over a century now, according to Congressional Research Service. This issue had led to assassination against innocent people, many individuals have been threaten, murdered and even kidnapped. In the year of 1940, Mexico was a big source of marijuana and heroin which created these big Drug trafficking organizations that still exist today for example; in Tijuana, MX “The Arellano Felix Organization”, Sinaloa, MX “Cartel Del Chapo”, “Los

  • Drug Cartel

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    in Mexico. The drug cartels have taken over the city and have continued to control the city. The city officials have been defeated over and over again; hopeless they still search for new ways to win this ongoing war. Using technology in the United States has become a crucial part of it's survival, since our failure to use intelligence properly in the attack of nine-eleven. Mexico is now attempting to use use the same method in hope that they can be steps ahead of the cartel to ensure success

  • Drug Cartel Control in Columbia

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    The situation between government agencies and the drug cartels in Mexico is similar to the one in Colombia 20 years ago. As I have previously said, throughout the 1990s the Cali and Medellin drug cartels dominated the world cocaine trade. Both cartels were made up of several different drug-trafficking organizations, each containing its own specific organizational structure. These cartels hid their cocaine production labs in remote, jungle regions, where Colombian insurgent groups provided them cover

  • Drug World Organizations: Drug Cartels

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    “The drug world organization is fundamentally gendered” (Anderson 2005). Anderson has continuously insisted that the illicit drug world, based on a patriarchally organized hierarchy where men continue to dominate, is also one that cannot exist without women's empowerment and agency. It is then critical to concentrate on the complex interplay between men and women. There are numerous ways in which women on the border between the United States and Mexico become involved in crime and the illicit drug

  • Drug Cartels In Mexico

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    established its presidency. Under the PRI political rule, drug cartels thrived and eventually became unstable. Until in December 2006, PAN party presidential representative Felipe Calderón rose to power with an established nationalistic political goal to end drug cartels. Ten days later after entering office, marked the first day of large scale operations to send troops against the narco-mafias. Subsequently, murder rates and international drug trafficking have only increased every year since then.

  • The Medellin Drug Cartel : Background

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    The Medellin Drug Cartel BACKGROUND Drug cartels have grown and expanded throughout the interior and exterior of states for many years. The way drugs started to be introduced to Mexico, Colombia, and other places around the world was believed to be a myth. It was a tale that was known by many through storytelling, which over the years turned into an actual realistic issue. One of the most known cartels that existed for a long time was The Medellin Cartel. It became a subculture of its own

  • Mexico's Drug Cartel Violence Problem

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    The United States role with Mexico’s drug cartel violence problem has been of ongoing help. The cartels are unabashed in trying to continue to run their drug smuggling operations. The Mexican people have had to endure a high number of homicides in their country. Some of these people killed were innocents who were at the wrong place at the wrong time. Many of the homicides were intentional as drug cartels often send messages to people warning others not to interfere in their businesses. Mexican law

  • Mexican Drug Cartels Analysis

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    The increasing momentum of Mexican drug cartels is accompanied by a surge of violence and police corruption that is catastrophic for Southern Texas-Mexico border city protection in the United States. This escalates the necessity for firearms possessed by citizens because of their defense benefits that surpass any negative effect. Mexican drug cartels are criminal organizations that are located in Mexico and focus on profiting large amounts of money from illegal substances by creating the product

  • The Cartel : A Powerful Drug Trafficking Organization

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    borders which is drug smuggling. In the region of North America lies a state that faces struggles everyday with a organization called Sinaloa Cartel. They face battles against this organization for control of the drug market within the state. This cartel plays a huge role within the state by having a huge influence in power compared to other the organizations in the state. The Sinaloa cartel was founded in 1989 which have their base location in the city of Culiacán, Sinaloa. The cartel is considered

  • Drug Cartel Violence And Mexico

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    I told you the drug cartel violence in Mexico is still one of the largest drug distributions in the world. The drug cartel violences taking place in Mexico have been going on for many years now and nobody has really tried to put a stop to it. Although Mexican drug cartels have existed for several decades, their influences have increased. Mexican drug cartels now dominate the wholesale illegal drug market. Arrests of key cartel leaders have led to increasing drug violence as cartels fight for control