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  • Drug Abuse Resistance Education

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    A.R.E. Program called Anti-drug and Alcohol education program created in 1983 to help educate young people about the ills in which stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education Which calls for the early education of adolescents, which originally started by educating young kids but in recent years it changed to include k-12 but focusing on 5th and 6th graders. The program was designed to keep underage youth away from drugs and alcohol because it was believed then that drug and alcohol usage was on the

  • The War On Drugs And Drug Abuse Resistance Education

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    defined by the “War on Drugs”. So, a question I had always wondered ever since I had begun D.A.R.E (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) in elementary school was how can such a war be won? President Nixon declaration of war on drugs during his presidency in 1971, sparked mass incarcerations for those deemed unfit for society through the possession, use, or dealing of illegal substances such as heroin, cocaine, etc. Between 1980 and 1997, the number of people in prison for non- violent drug related offenses

  • Drug Education In The United States

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    Drug education in the United States is highly flawed, for decades instead of educating the youth of drugs and the dangers and side effects associated with drug use the United States has opted to fear monger and use scare tactics to persuade the youth from delving into drug use. But this only serves to proliferate drug use if a person decides to experiment or use drugs of any class. Simply because if one is only taught that drugs will maim and kill you, and destroy your hope for a successful happy

  • Drug Education is More Beneficial than Drug Legalization Essay

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    Drug Education is More Beneficial than Drug Legalization There are great numbers of people in Australia who believe that legalizing hard-drugs, such as heroin, speed, cocaine etc, would improve the drug problem. This may be a true statement, however such legalization is yet to be proven, and can cause some severe consequences, which outweigh the possible benefits. Such consequences include an increase in uncontrolled use and thus increases in overdosing and intravenous (I.V.) transmitted diseases

  • Drug Abuse Resistance Education Program

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    war on drugs was declared in 1971 by President Richard Nixon and since that day over a trillion dollars have been spent on the prohibition of drugs in the United States (Branson, 2012). Yet, despite this excessive spending, the U.S. has the highest rates of illicit drug use in the world (Branson, 2012). Although much of this money has been spent on law enforcement agents and prison systems, some funds have been used to develop drug prevention programs. The Drug Abuse Resistance Education Program

  • Teaching The Drug Abuse Resistance Education

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    these individuals were removed from the community and encouraged to move from the city. Who would have known one incident would open up a flood of opportunities? One by one the doors were opening. I was approached about teaching the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) program in the Jefferson County Public School (JCPS) district. I recognized, right away, this is what I was meant to do. When the previously mentioned school contacted me, it made me feel good to know the adults of the school

  • The Importance Of Drug Abuse Resistance Education

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    Officer Owen has taught us very many important things through the D.A.R.E. program. D.A.R.E. stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education. This program is for students in 3rd, 4th, 6th, and other grades. During DARE lessons, a police officer comes to our school and presents to us in our classroom while we take notes in DARE workbooks. DARE usually happens once a week at our school. One topic we learn about in DARE is the problems: things like alcohol and cigarettes. Alcohol is a problem

  • The Drug Abuse Resistance Education Program

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    The Drug Abuse Resistance Education Program also known, as the D.A.R.E program is a worldwide school-based program that helps reach out to children (elementary, middle, and high school) to prevent drug and violence abuse. This program does not discriminate in any case, therefore it consists of children all different colors, shapes, and sizes. Since drug and violence abuse was rising at incredible increments in the 1970’s and early 80’s, a Los Angeles Police Chief and the Los Angeles School District

  • Literature Review On School Based Drug Education

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    Janelle Perez 12/4/17 Research article assignment This study on school based drug education provides a test of the comprehensive model of school based prevention. It helps identify possible different effects of this drug initiative (DARE). A DARE study with 1,584 students was done to see the effects of the program on the students behavior and attitude towards drugs(Rosenbaum, pg.3). DARE was showed to have no impact on students, but mixed with other factors, showed some impact on different

  • The Drug Abuse Resistance Education Program Essay

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    The Drug Abuse Resistance Education program known as D.A.R.E has become a very widespread and popular program throughout the United States. The program appeals to all ethnic, racial, and socioeconomic lines, which is a large part of the reason why the DARE program has grown exponentially. The program’s basic premise was meant to introduce kids to the danger of drugs, before the drugs got to them. The implementation of the DARE program appeared to be what America needed to begin to put a dent in